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Zooqle TV Movie Verified Torrents

Zooqle is a torrent directory for almost every torrent available out there. Zooqle is a site that is uncommon fairly speaking. With most sites focussing on providing the users content and links to download and their respective magnets, Zooqle has chosen a different approach than most. Zooqle is a torrent directory that provides the users and viewers a list of torrent sites available to log on to and tune into the content of their likeness. There are not many sites that offer such a directory of torrent sites.

Moreover, with a list of sites, the users can choose from those sites the content where they would like to download and enjoy. It also solves the problem that, if one of the sites is unavailable, they can just choose another one from the list that Zooqle provides.

Why use zooqle unblocked?

There are plenty of reasons for one to use Zooqle and check out the content it has to offer. Not only do they have a directory specifically for torrents, but they also offer other content that would be of interest to the users themselves. They have a tab dedicated to the news as well as a fantasy cricket tab which would invite more users to check out the site and check out the content they have to offer.

Features of zooqle torrents

  1. Directory – the list of torrent websites is easily one of the best things about this site. The uniqueness of the directory is what makes them stand out quite well and gives them an edge over their competitors because they can offer what many few can, the option to choose between different websites instead of just being able to choose different links. 
  2. Variety – the different torrent sites allow the users to have access to a variety of content and even access to content from different parts of the world. The users can access games, TV shows, and other content from across the world via different torrents.
  3. Downloadability – torrent sites are known for being available to download movies and tv shows. With options from multiple sites to download the user can choose which site they would like to log onto and download their preferred content.

How to access zooqle proxy?

The users and viewers can search Zooqle on their respective search engines. From the displayed results, the user can log on to the relevant site displayed among the sites and tune into their preferred torrent site displayed in the directory.

Layout of zooqle com

  1. Design – the design is simple but elegant in a very unique way. They have not used too many colors which would overwhelm the users and viewers, but they haven’t kept it bland either. The lack of too much color works in their favor as the tinge of different colors works quite well with the white to enhance the look of the site. But in all fairness, they could make it more attractive with pictures, as there are none currently.
  2. Header – The header contains the logo of the site, on the left side at the top of the website. Below that is the list of tabs accessible to the users and viewers which include verified torrents list, news, fantasy cricket, live scores, disclaimer, contact us, about us, and a search icon.
  3. Body – the body is made up of the type of content they primarily offer. There is a directory of the torrent lists itself for the viewers to browse and choose from. There are questions and FAQ sections added below the directory list that help clarify certain queries for the users. They also showcase some facts about the site such as the views they get annually and the advertisement revenue among other things.
  4. Inner pages – the inner pages lead the user to the specific torrent site they have selected to go to. When switching to another tab on the site such as news and fantasy cricket, the users remain on the site and access the news and fantasy cricket on the site itself. The inner pages are mediocre but decent, as they can be better if the developers tried.

Content on Zooqle

There is a variety of content that they offer on the website itself and via the torrent lists as well. Via the list of torrents, the site offers almost every form of content one user or viewer could ask for. As torrents provide music to download, movies to watch as well as a variety of different tv shows, and games and applications to download. The Zooqle site in itself offers much more than the directory as the separate tab of news helps users to check out the latest news that is the talk of the air by just switching to the tab. Whereas the fantasy cricket tab allows people to engage in creating their own fantasy teams.

Zooqle site Experience

The site as an experience was intriguing because it was unique for me and different from what I have observed and underacted with in my past. Although this site is not the best when compared to others, it holds its own unique value as there are very few, if any, sites out there that can be compared directly to it and make a like-to-like comparison. It was fun to check out the site and a fresh experience than what I usually have when going online on such sites and it did not disappoint as I had hoped it would be based on the idea it was formed on.


If anyone is looking for a list of torrents to use to fulfil their content demand, I cannot help but say this might be the one for them. As torrents are used to being shut down, having the option to choose from so many and having the list of backups at the tip of your fingers is a surreal feeling and it enhances the chances of retaining the viewers for this website. I would recommend the users and viewers to check this site out but a VPN is recommended while doing so.