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Yes Movies Watch FREE Movies Online & TV shows

OTT platforms have spoilt us with expensive choices. Hence, a lot of people get attracted to similar ‘free services’. Users generally flock to wherever they would hear the word free. It is understandable where they’re coming from. While the majority of the population in the first world countries do not face any issues in paying a certain amount. However, that’s not the case with populations in third-world countries (Developing Countries and Least Developed Countries). Users there generally cannot afford to pay $8.99/month on Netflix, $5.99/month on Hulu, or $8.99/month on Amazon Prime for the sake of their entertainment.

There’s a considerable number of people who’d like to stream the latest movies and TV Shows for free. Even if they can or cannot afford to pay the bills. Here is one such website that is trying to cater to this specific need of users on the Internet. This user guide will help everyone find their way through the movie streaming site called YesMovies. 

What is YesMovies?

Yes Movies is a free movie streaming site that offers Bollywood, Indie, and Hollywood movies. Its library also includes popular TV programs available for free. It basically appears similar to a VOD (Video on demand) service where its users can stream their favorite movies and TV Shows as and when they want to.

How to access Yes Movies 2022?

The recommended way to access Yes movies is to search ‘Yes movies’ on Google or any other search engine. It should be one of the latter results for searches like ‘movies free stream’ because it isn’t as popular as its counterparts like 123movies or Fmovies. It is easily accessible using various web browsers with any sort of VPN. Especially, if you are located in a location where Yesmovies com isn’t accessible. Even secure browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc. support the site. Moreover, you can directly access the website here.

Why use Yes Movies?

A considerable number of visitors tune into YesMovies com to stream popular TV shows, movies, as well as classic titles. The prime reason why users prefer to stream on this website is that it offers 25+ movie genres from across 10+ countries around the world. Therefore, not only will you find Hollywood and Bollywood titles but you can also find sufficient indie content on this versatile platform. That is why they are running so well in business there is something for everything. No matter which part of the world you are from.

Additionally, having the freedom to not register on the website and still be able to stream its content is a big plus point. Since there’s nothing to lose, users don’t really need to worry about browsing and streaming this website. Unlike some of the competing free movie streaming websites, Yes TV Movies allows all its visitors to watch content from their library without registering on their website.

Features of Yes Movie

Some of Yes movies’ most handy features are discussed in the following section.

YesMovies website design strikes out as a bit unprofessional compared to other free movie streaming sites. It is not very intuitive to use and appears to be designed by an amateur.

Yesmovies Content-range

As stated above, Yes movies websites’ content range is one of its unique selling propositions. Users prefer this site because they’re well aware that it’s packed with relevant content. From movie titles to TV Shows, you can find all the trending content around the network easily in a few clicks. The best part is that users can access new content being updated every week and discover thousands of newer titles with their every search.

Yes Movies houses over 9000 movies and 1000+ TV shows. Users are given the luxury of choosing the content categorized into a wide range of genres. Doesn’t matter if you want to find content in comedy, action, documentaries, Science Fiction, or thriller, you’ll always end up finding content that satisfies your entertainment appetite. There is another handy feature that helps users browse content based on the country rather than the genre. 

Yes, Movies house a body with eight vertical thumbnails in every row. Well-defined categories like ‘Suggestion’, ‘Latest Movies’ and ‘Latest TV Shows’ add to the user-friendliness. Under each section, 16 different titles are featured. These are the most-watched ones from around the world. Popular titles like ‘Bad Boys for Life’, ‘Dolittle’, ‘Little Women’, ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’, ‘Ford v Ferrari’, ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’, ‘Parasite’, and ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ are all available for free. The layout is similar in all other categories like the latest movies and latest TV Shows category.

HD Quality Yes Movies Streaming

A movie-watching experience largely depends on the resolution. Would anyone ever stream a movie like Avengers: Endgame on a 480p resolution? For the movie experience to amplify, users prefer to watch movies that have a streaming quality of more than 720p at least. With Yes Movies websites, that is possible. Users can watch most of the current titles in HD resolutions. And, that is generally either 720p or 1080p.

Genre-based Categories

A lot of time has gone into categorizing content on Yes Movies. There are over 25+ genres including Adventure, Biography, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Animation, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, and Romance. Such a diverse classification makes navigation easier for the users.

Rating-based category

Yes, Movies websites provide all the information regarding a movie or a TV Show in one place. On the first click on a title, it leads users to a section with reviews, ratings, and the synopsis. An embedded YouTube video player also makes sure that the trailer is directly accessible from the website itself. It helps users make an informed choice before deciding to invest their valuable time into watching one of their uploaded content.


Yes Movies is user-friendly and even if you’re new to free movie streaming space. Even first-timers can easily navigate around the website. It’s signature pink and white color scheme along with the dark background really stands out in the streaming space. There are absolutely no improvements required in the website design or user interface. It is crisp as well as kept simple enough. It can cater to all kinds of users, experienced or not. 

The header section on the website has five key tabs – Home, Genre, Country, Movies, TV-Series. A Top IMDb section appears towards the left. The search bar and login panels are situated on the right. By clicking on any of these options, users access the inner pages of the website. For example, if you click on the country tab, you’ll find subcategories with options such as China, France, India, International, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Similarly, if users want to watch movies based on the ratings, they can simply click on the Top IMDb tab.

The inner pages of Yes TV movies are also cleverly designed. It features the streaming player accompanied by all the necessary information regarding the selected content. Towards the left, there’s an embedded YouTube extension. Here users will find the ‘Watch trailer’ option. This is followed by ‘Movie Title’, and other details such as a one-line synopsis, genre, cast, director, duration, resolution quality, release date, and the IMDb rating.

Hero Section and Footer

The hero section design on this website has as many as 8 sliders with options to schedule any movie. These slider banners have the movie title followed by their synopsis and the ‘Watch Now’ button. The banners are of premium quality and they add to the overall appeal of this section. 

The footer section of Yes TV Movies houses all social media icons, terms & privacy policies along with the DMCA notice. On the right, there is a subscription option. Subscribers here can get access to regular updates from the website. So, whenever there is a new upload or a new release, subscribers get an immediate heads up on their email.

Desktop/Mobile experience

YesMovies is not just restricted to a desktop or mobile website. Users can also enjoy the content using its YesMovies app. However, the Yes movies app is only available for Android users. The stream takes a couple of minutes to load. However, once it starts there are no ads popping up or any other such kind of discrepancies. According to people who have used the mobile application, things are smooth sailing too. For obvious reasons, the app isn’t listed on Google Play Store. Android users, therefore, need to search for a Yes Movies APK download. For IOS users, the website accessible from both desktop and mobile interfaces is the only option. 


There are absolutely no changes required on the website. The interface and design are top-notch. Moreover, user-friendliness is something praise-worthy about Yesmovies. However, there’s room for improvement when in the streaming experience. And, that is only in one single thing. There are only two resolutions available on the Yesmovies player – 360p and 1080. But, the audience likes to stream at 720p which is a great balance between stability and resolution quality.

There are a couple of things like allowing third-party external players and launching a paid membership program that can be experimented with. 


Yes Movies is a hidden streaming website. Regulars in the movie streaming space may know about it but not everyone does. As such, it offers great value for what it provides. Fewer ads pop up along with a fairly extensive and impressive library.  Users only need to be patient with the initial load time. After that initial delay, it is a smooth sail resulting in a great viewing experience. It can prove to be a tough competitor for industry giants in the times to come.