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Volokit Watch NFL NHL NBA MMA MLB F1 Boxing Live

There are various options to choose from in the case of free sports streaming websites. However, not many of these websites are secure. The presence of malicious computer programs and unhealthy pop-up ads are always a background scare when users browse such websites. While these websites provide excellent value through their services, there are indeed several related problems.

The feeling of being alone is one of them. Users may feel like they are part of a very small nucleus of viewers who are watching these games on a pirated streaming website. However, such almost always isn’t the case. To rectify this feeling, viewers who tend to use free streaming have created several communities. Today, we talk about one such popular community called Volokit.

What is Volokit Streams?

Volokit is a community of sports fans who majorly depend on free streaming websites for their daily coverage needs. It is a community of like-minded fans who discuss games in real-time, share verified streaming links, and keep returning for the flavor of watching their favorite games together.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic made the concept of community screenings very unlikely. That is why such virtual places with a sense of community became a welcome change. Volokit Streams have now become a natural space for fans to find streaming links and company while watching games alone at home yet with their community.

How to access Volokit NBA?

Accessing Volokit sports is very easy. It is a legal website that hasn’t had any major government strikes. Thanks to the clean work of the community members. There are hard and fast rules to being a member of the community. That has often helped it to avoid trouble. Moreover, they appear as a website that doesn’t host streaming links. The links are merely shared by one another during discussions. And, there’s nothing illegal about that.

To reach the main website, you need to type out the community name on the search bar of your search engine. The very first result will land you up on the website. It is as simple as that. Moreover, there is no need for a VPN or Adblocker while accessing this website. However, when users use the streaming links they receive from other community members, they should use a VPN. This is because none of these links are taken responsibility for by Volokit Live. Rather, these are third-party sites and nothing can be said with extreme surety about the safety and reliability of these websites.

Features of Volokit

Volokit streaming service, therefore, isn’t a streaming service. It is rather a community of like-minded fans who help each other out. Although the huge popularity of the community is due to the streaming element, the features aren’t only limited to it. Firstly, the community has an estimated 50k+ members. The blogs on the website get thousands of hits with the highest one going to nearly one million visits. Here are some of the other features of the website.

Ad management

The first thing to be highlighted about the website is how well the ads have been managed here. The source of revenue for the community is through website visits or page views and the number of page views the blogs get is indicative of how well the team must earn. Therefore, they have successfully gotten rid of bulk advertisements. There are only banner ads and floating widget ads. These do not intrude into the streaming or community experience whatsoever.

Easy Sign-In process

The sign-in process is really simple. While there aren’t any direct extensions to use your Google account or social media accounts, the sign-in form is simple and direct. Moreover, there isn’t any hesitation on users’ part to sign up. It is after all a secured community website and nothing else. The best part is that users can also keep browsing the website as a guest, the sign-up isn’t a mandatory process.

Easy to use Interface

The Interface on Volokit Streams is extremely easy to use. Such sports communities are generally found on Reddit. But, the interface here is much simple compared to Reddit. The menus are well-labeled and legit. The colors are dark and chosen to keep in mind the new trend of darkening out interfaces.

Website Design

There isn’t much to talk about in website design. It is plain and basic. While usability and user-friendliness are given top priority, aesthetic appeal is highly compromised. The background color is dark grey and the header is an even darker shade of grey, almost black. The menus are highlighted in red accents. Lastly, the sign-in and log-in buttons appear in blue. The various sports are color-coded in their specific colors. For example, Volokit NBA is Maroon and Volokit NFL is Navy Blue. The use of colors is very well done on the website overall.


The header design is really simple but very usable. It stands out in a darker shade compared to the body to differentiate itself. On the left corner, there appears a logo. To call it a logo might be an over-statement. It is just ‘Volokit Community’ written in the most basic font available. On the right corner, there are the sign-in and log-in buttons. Adjacent to them is the search button and a menus tab. The menus tab has a pull-down that houses options like Latest, Badges, Groups, Categories, About, FAQs, etc.

A step below the header appears the navigational buttons that give users an idea of which section on the website they’re on and how they navigated into that section. Sadly, there isn’t any footer on this website.

Body and Hero Section

The Body Section is divided into two vertical columns. These are further divided into horizontal rows. On the left column, each row houses a specific sport. These are called categories. The full list of sports reads NFL, MLB, UFC, NBA, NHL, and Boxing. There are three more categories. They are Help, Off-Topic, and Feedback.

On the right column, there are a few pinned blogs. These are ‘How to Stream?’, ‘Rules’, and ‘Welcome to the community. Just below these, the hero section starts. Here is where most of the action happens on the website. It includes match threads for ongoing games. Community members can simply click on one of them to reach the inner page which contains the messages. Here the links are shared and the community discussion takes place during live games.


Six major sports find mentioned on the website. They are NFL, MLB, UFC, NBA, NHL, and Boxing. Of these, Volokit NBA and Volokit NFL are the most popular ones. There is a separate tab called Off-Topic, where users can find a general analysis of tournaments that isn’t specific to one single game. Other than that, there isn’t much to report about the content. After all, it is a community-based website. Most of the content is courtesy of the community members themselves. The blogs are also written by members and they make for some premium analysis of games. There of course is a Volokit schedule that helps members keep a check on upcoming games.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Firstly, Volokit hasn’t developed an application. There isn’t any app for any given operating system. However, the website is well optimized for usage on mobile devices. There isn’t any need for a VPN for browsing the website. However, you’d need one when you use a few of the streaming links shared within the community discussions. An Adblocker also becomes a priority at that time.

Overall, there weren’t any issues faced at all while browsing the website through PC and mobile devices. The menus are legit and visibility is awesome. Overall it is very easy to use the website. But, it lacks aesthetic appeal.


Firstly, the team of developers should work on developing an application for this community platform. Unlike Reddit or Twitter, they’d need an application of their own to preserve their identity. To start with, Android is probably the best option with the highest number of users. Slowly, they could move on to other systems like IOS, Mac, and Windows.

Secondly, the website needs a cosmetic makeover. If they are to challenge Reddit communities, the website needs to look good. It works amazingly well but lacks aesthetic appeal. So, that is one area of improvement.


Overall, the Volokit Live community is an appealing website for fans. The sense of community watch is a vital thing in sports streaming. While a lot of streaming websites give the facility of a live chat box, they hardly match the ease of a discord server or a Reddit community. Here, things are different. The community character is thoroughly preserved. The members are signed in regulars. Moreover, users get reliable streaming links right on these platforms although the rules mention not to use their servers for streaming links. But, that is only to steer clear of legal troubles. The truth is Volokit streams are one of the best fan-driven community sites out there to get tried and tested free streaming links.