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Cable TV prices are increasing on the go. Moreover, there are several related problems when you depend on a Cable TV subscription for your entertainment needs. Firstly, the customer service of such local Cable TV operators is extremely non-reliable. Secondly, these services are very fluctuating in nature. One cannot really be sure of their Cable TV delivering them a seamless viewing experience. 

Due to all of these issues, free live TV platforms are getting quite the popularity. Major OTT platforms have included live TV features on their applications. But, such OTTs can be expensive. Hence, this existing gap was filled by the introduction of live TV streaming platforms, also called IPTV. A lot of these services are absolutely free of cost. Here we discuss one of the more popular names in the industry, US TV GO.

What is USTVGO?

USTV GO is a popular IPTV platform where users can live stream live TV for free. It offers its users a collection of over 80 channels. It is increasingly gaining popularity around the world due to its cost-effectiveness and it promises to become an industry giant in the near future. 

How to access Ustvgo tv?

USTVGO, or for that matter, any other IPTV Platform is accessible through their mobile or PC USTVGO applications and websites. Users will have to search for ‘USTV GO APK’ to find the downloadable APK file on their systems. Conversely, a google search like ‘US free TV streaming’ will also land you up among results where the USTVGOTV website should ideally appear in the top 5. 

This can be done easily using any secure web browser like Chrome or Firefox.  However, once the application is downloaded, users must use a VPN to browse its services. And, that’s that. A VPN and a stable internet connection that is all you need to access USTVGO app. 

Features of Ustvgo Guide

An IPTV platform doesn’t gain the sort of popularity US TV GO has gained for nothing. They offer some really user-friendly features that have aided the growth of the platform over the years of its existence. Following is a discussion of its handiest features.

Real-Time TV Streaming

To start with a basic feature that every IPTV must have is real-time TV streaming. USGOTV offers the same with the lowest latency possible. There is no delayed access with USTV GO. Several IPTVs also run at a delay of 24 hours. However, it is not the case with USTVGO. Here, you do not need to wait an extra day to watch an episode that others might have done the previous day. Not to forget, real-time TV is available for 80+ channels. 

One-click content

This is one handy feature that aids user-friendliness for USTVGO. No user needs to clear ads to watch their favorite channel. Nor do they need to dig very deep to find their favorite channel. Everything is right in front, on the homepage. In other words, content is just one click away.

Minimal ad-free experience

Another really encouraging thing about USTVGO is how well they have managed the ads. The homepage is completely ad-free. Only when a channel is clicked up and the inner page appears, one or two ads are seen. But, even these are very well maintained. They are in the widget form and do not hamper the viewing experience. In fact, there are no nags at all. The stream will never be interrupted for whatever reason it may be. 

Two-day TV schedule

USTV GO channel list also comes with an in-built TV schedule that displays programs and their timing up to 48 hours from the present time. This may not strike out as an important feature but the truth is it saves a lot of time. Firstly, with live TV streaming, you may not exactly know if any changes were made to the schedule but with the 48 hours displayed already there below your player, you can plan accordingly. Users generally google their favorite show timings and adjust accordingly. But, USTVGO saves your time and all of it can be done at the same place. 

Website and Application Design

While there hasn’t been much attention paid to the design and aesthetic appeal of the website, user-friendliness is top-notch. Firstly, a greyish background runs through the website. It is complemented by red accents that make for a great contrast. The text is written in a combination of black and blue. Blue is for active links and black is for plain texts. 

At the first look, users may confuse it for a scheduling network site. But, once you click on any of the active links of the channels arranged in alphabetical order, you can start streaming that channel’s live feed. 


Work has also gone into categorizing the active channels. And, that is a massive pat on the back for US TV GO. It makes the overall navigation so much easier. On the homepage, a categories tab houses options such as ‘Entertainment’, ‘News’, ‘Sports’, ‘Kids’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Legal’, ‘TV Guide’, ‘VPN’, and ‘FQA’. Hence, if a user wishes to watch the news, they can directly go to the news tab and find channels like Fox, BBC, etc. readily among the top results. Whereas, the traditional scrolling on the homepage could have been cumbersome relatively. 

Ustvgo tv guide Homepage

The homepage of USTV is the soul of the platform. Firstly, it is ad-free and every click is clean as a whistle. Next, it has the active 80+ channels listed twice. Once, from the channel’s thumbnail on the left. Here, pages are made for the 80+ channels. Every page houses 10-12 channels. Next, on the homepage itself, there is an alphabetical list of all the active channels. 

If the alphabetical grid is something you don’t want to scroll through, there also is a search bar on the header area to help you. User-friendliness was definitely the priority when this website was coded. 


As stated numerous times earlier, USTVGO Channel list is home to 80+ active channels. These include the following.

News Channels: MSNBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, and NBC to name a few.

Entertainment channels: Comedy Central, Destination America, FX, TBS, MTV, OWN, T&T & USA Network

Premium channels: HBO, Starz, Telemundo, NFL Network, FXX, and Bravo

Sports channels: ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, NBA TV, and WWE Network

Apart from these four most popular categories, there are also channels for kids like Cartoon Network and Disney TV. There are knowledge and lifestyle channels like the Discovery network and National Geographic. Not only this, the most surprising thing is the availability of premium channels like HBO, Starz, and Brazo. 

The content range is just amazing. This IPTV platform can even compete with movie streaming sites and especially sports streaming sites. Most of the premium sports channels are available. The soul of sports coverage is low latency and delay. USTVGO Free is the pioneer in that very same category.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

USTV GO is a very compatible platform. It runs with all types of devices – mobile phones, PCs, and Smart TVs. You name it USTVGO has you covered. Yes, US TV GO also supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. making it the very complete package. There are no complaints regarding the experience whatsoever. 

The USTVGO applications are easily available and totally safe to use. The website is well optimized for both mobile and PC. The ads are extremely well managed and the streaming quality is top-notch. There is enough premium feel already and all of it is completely free. Just imagine what a paid subscription to this service will feel like.


There are absolutely no bones to pick with US TV GO. They are doing an awesome job and should continue in the same manner. But, for the sake of contrastive criticism and to make their service even better, here are a few suggestions. 

Firstly, they can add more channels. Let’s not build the wall at somewhere around 80. Secondly, they can improve the website’s design and aesthetic appeal. And lastly, to fund it all, starting a paid membership with amenities like an ad-free experience wouldn’t be the worst idea. 


There are much more positives than there are negatives about US TV GO. They are worthy competitors to Cable TV operators. In fact, they provide a clear set of advantages over them. The user-friendliness and quality of service are two things that promise US TV GO a bright and long future. Lastly, US TV GO may also threaten to put sports streaming sites out of business through their collection of sports channels like ESPN+, beIN, etc. They could’ve also come for movie streaming sites with channels like HBO offered free of cost. But, the real-time nature of TV streaming may hold them back. Either way, they are very adept at what they do and they deserve to hold the tag of being one of the most popular sites in this industry.