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Tubi Movies Streaming and TV

Everyone loves watching movies. But, not everyone is comfortable with the shift to the online world. Over the Top (OTT) Platforms are bossing the world of entertainment. And, the monthly bills for streaming on these platforms are increasing every passing month. That makes it difficult for most viewers to enjoy movies. Hence, free movie sites come to the rescue. Today we discuss a similar one called TubiTV.  

What is TubiTV?

To call TubiTV a free movie site would be an understatement. It is so premium in its appeal that it should be rather called a free OTT service. TubiTV online is a premium free movie streaming service that allows users to stream some of the best titles for free. It stands out in terms of its premium appeal, content quality, and accessibility. 

How to access Tubi Movies?

Accessing TubiTV is fairly simple. Just do a google search and the first result is the site you’re looking for. However, make sure you’re using a VPN service. There are no popup ads or malicious computer programs on TubiTV. But, it is still a pirated site and can call unnecessary attention. Therefore, always guard your location and identity with a VPN when surfing on the website. 

Tubi TV Website Design

This is the real unique selling proposition (USP). The website is designed as if it is Netflix that you’re about to stream. The header houses a proud logo on the left corner. On the right corner, there is a sign-in option and a search bar. Users cannot view content until and unless they sign in. However, the process is 100% safe. The footer is yet more informative. It houses all extra legal information like copyrights, terms, etc. 


The content library houses a premium selection of movies, TV shows, Anime, etc. There are over 10,000 titles to choose from and that is a key highlight. It finds mention in several places on the website. 

Tubi TV Mobile and Desktop Experience

You must’ve read the word ‘premium’ a million times already. But, that is the only way to describe TubiTV. It is absolutely premium and therefore, there are no complaints as far as the user experience is concerned. TubiTV app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Users can download it on their phones and enjoy an unmatched experience. There are no hidden Tubi costs. There is a paid membership if you want to go for it. It only eliminates the ads which again are very well placed. 

TubiTV lso stands out in terms of compatibility. A section of the website is dedicated to displaying the supported platforms. It of course includes Tubi Roku. There is also Chromecast, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. 


Tubi TV Online is really the big league of movie streaming sites. They can put Netflix out of business if they concentrate more on marketing. They are already getting more traffic than most OTT sites. The only problem is the element of piracy. While that is the most crucial element to their business, it is also the one pulling them back. They cannot market aggressively. Nor will movie producers choose them as partners. This is because they host pirated streams that are seen through illegal eyes in most parts of the world. But, this same phenomenon is resulting in more and more viewers streaming movies for free on their platforms.