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Torrentz2 Best Torrent Search Engine

Torrentz 2 is part of the torrent group that aims to bring the users and viewers their favorite torrent content in the current technological and internet environment. Although they do not have any direct affiliation to the original torrent sites like torrentz and others, they have mentioned that this site is a clone of one of the most popular torrent sites ever.

Like other torrent sites, they too are focussed around providing download links for the most desired and demanded content by the viewers. They provide downloads as well as magnet links to the users for easy access and convenient downloads.

Why use proxy torrentz2?

In this day and age, where most movies and TV shows are shifting towards the Over The Top Platform, it makes watching any movie and series that much harder, as one would have to take on multiple subscriptions even though they may not be able to fully utilise it. Such services will only make one pay more than they need to on one individual platform.

Features of torrentz2 movies

Search bar – having a search bar on a site such as this is really convenient for any user and viewer. Instead of having to filter and navigate different categories and spend time finding what one is interested in, they can just search for it and choose from the relevant links and results displayed.

Easy to navigate – the site in itself is easy to navigate around. As one may observe with many torrent sites, most of them have set up proxy servers for the users to use and access the site from. The reasons for this range from being unethical in their previous operations, to, being banned from several countries for not the right reasons.

Direct access – torrentz2 allows content direct access to their user to the content they are looking for. Many sites, including some of the torrent sites require traversing multiple pages by the users so they can access the content they are searching for. They provide links to the magnet and downloads on the search results itself, and if not, on the page of the content.

Range of content – there are hundreds of different pages of content that are available at the users discretion to choose and tune into. With some of the most popular movies and tv shows on offer, it has a library that can compete with one of the top OTT platforms in the current age.

How to access torrentz2 proxy?

Accessing the site is fairly simple for any user, new or old. They need to type in torrentz2 in their search engine and log on to the first site in the displayed results of one’s browser. They have several links to the site, which are usually displayed at the top of the list of search results.

Layout of torrentz2 movies download

  1. Header – The header of the site itself is the name of the site, which is torrentz2. The developers have not put much creativity into the designing of their header, as they have kept it plain and simple, which, in all fairness is not a bad decision at all, but the current generation of people that will log on to the site will expect more colors and appeal at their first time on the site.
  2. Footer – the footer does not contain much information about the site. With little information about the site itself on display, it does not bode well for the site as it is the common norm for sites such as torrentz2 to share some information about the site in some capacity usually in the footer section.
  3. Body – the body is generally empty with the main item of concern on offer being the search bar. Along the header section, one may find three tabs trending, top and new to access content according to what would intrigue them.
  4. Inner pages – the inner pages of the sites are of two main categories on the site. One is the list of results being displayed when searching for something specific. The other is the page where one can access the torrent and magnet link to download the content. Both of the pages are self-sufficient on their own but lack creativity in the display.

Content of proxy torrentz2

Although they do not have a branched and categorized list of content for the viewers to browse, they have consolidated their most popular content from their entire library into three tabs which are trending, new and top. There is content on offer beyond these as well, but for them, the user would have to use the search bar. Even then, in these tabs alone, they have ten thousand list entries on offer and to download. With Movies and TV shows, there are some of the most famous matches from different sports available to download such as UFC as well as football among others.

Experience of torrentz2 eu

My experience of the site was mixed but for the better. The site did leave a positive impression on me as I was navigating the site and exploring the different content. It felt a little bland, the way the site was set up in its appearance, as like me, most of the other viewers and users would also be used to a site that is visually appealing to oneself. Despite the lack of flair on the site, I cannot deny the fact that they do provide some good quality content for the users and viewers to check out. With not just movies and TV shows available to download, there are entire matches available for the user to download. That alone could invite a lot more users as there are analysts who could use this to their advantage.


In my opinion there are plenty of reasons to use this site and to enjoy the content that it provides. It is not perfect for everyone as there are those who do not trust torrents that easily, but for those who can ignore their reservations, it is recommended to check this site out and try it for oneself to make their own judgement about whether it suits them or not.