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Tamilgun HD Movies Download Online

There are loads of free movie streaming websites out on the Internet. However, only a few of them offers a decent collection of Indian movies. With the increasing costs of watching Bollywood movies out in multiplexes, free options are gaining currency. One such free option specifically for Indian entertainment is Tamil Gun. This user guide will introduce you to the site and help you find your way through it. 

What is Tamilgun HD?

TamilGun movie is easily one of the most reliable streaming sites for Indian titles. TamilGun houses a fairly regularly updated archive of free movies in India. Tamil Gun HD’s content is available for free streaming in several Indian languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Telugu.

In addition to hosting a variety of free movie streaming links in HD resolution, TamilGun also lets users stream Indian TV shows free of cost. Users can also listen to Indian radio, and stream hard-to-find overdubbed movies into several Indian languages. TamilGun is easily the website to find an impressive stock of Indian titles. It is one of the bests in this regard in the entire free movie streaming industry.

How to access TamilGun HD Movies?

Tamil Gun HD movie can be accessed easily through a simple search on any available search engine. It is generally one of the top results when users search for Indian movie free streaming. Or even, Tamil Gun HD watch tamil movie sort of searchers. The website is compatible with popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. Conversely, you can also access the site through this direct link. 

Features of TamilGun – Design

TamilGun’s website design strikes out as a bit unprofessional compared to other free movie streaming sites. It is not very intuitive to use and appears to be designed by an amateur. The font styles and sizes aren’t uniform all through the website. The tabs do not work with a single click. All of such poorly coded features make for a pretty sub-par user experience. Continuing the same amateur feel, the site has a few other issues, ergonomically. These issues start at the home page itself, from top to bottom. 

Below the site menu bar, users can find a selection of 8 titles. These are the latest videos in terms of upload date. Below this, is the HD Videos category where users can find streaming quality extending to 720p resolutions. Then there is another segregated section specially dedicated to more HD Videos. Whereas, all of the HD content should have been categorized on one single inner page. It is hard to hunt for logic in TamilGun’s overall organization.  

A scroll down will take users to a Kids Movies section, followed by random placement of TV channel icons and another random selection of movies. That is why the user navigation is so hard on TamilGun. It is definitely not for a first-time user.


The overall categorization of the library is found in the site menu bar on the homepage. This is the only helpful feature for navigating through the site and finding the desired movie. The various direct category link includes Home, HD Movies, Kids Movies, Dubbed Movies, Big Boss Tamil 4, and TV Series. TV Series come with three sub-options to choose from, Tamil Web Series, TV Shows, and Hindi.

Tamil Gun Content and Features

As mentioned earlier, Tamil Gun HD’s content library is one big feature of the website. It is probably one of the best places (if not the best) for Indian audiences to explore their favorite titles from. Even though the site isn’t user-friendly and easily navigable, it offers a lot of free movies of several genres and in several Indian languages. 

As the name suggests, Tamil movies are very easily available in very good streaming quality. Apart from Tamil itself, TamilGun has a variety of options in Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Telugu entertainment. Plus, the site is probably the best source on the Internet for overdubbed movies. This makes TamilGun an enticing destination among free movie streaming sites for finding international releases in different regional languages.

TamilGun is a traditional movies streaming site, but, its library extends to include some of the popular TV Shows. Users will also find a solid variety of free TV series in the content library. As far as the quality of streaming is concerned, it varies from title to title. Yes, the inbuilt player supports full HD. But, the quality generally extends up to 720p. For newer releases and rarer titles, this could be as low as 480p. It only gives a decent streaming experience. 

In-built Radio Station

One of the most unique and fun features of Tamil Gun HD is its inclusion of a built-in radio station called Sooriyan FM. It gives users an option to listen to the radio while searching for their desired title. It works as an ambient feature that adds a bit of premium to the user experience. Alas, the content design doesn’t support it at all. 

Search Engine-like features

Tamil Gun also appears to be like a search engine. The best feature is the fact that there are often several embedded streaming links provided for one single title. For instance, if one of the host servers is slow or not working for some reason, there is at least a backup option to cycle and play the content for the users. This is definitely a smart feature because it is extremely frustrating when the stream only keeps on buffering. Moreover, it solves the problem of overcrowding servers. Different serves always mean more options to choose from. Users can compare audio-visual quality and choose the best link they’d like to stream. 

Tamilgun HD Mobile and Desktop Experience

First and foremost, there is no mobile application for TamilGun app. There is only the website ready for use. Applications aren’t available for all i.e. android, IOS, or even PC Operating systems like Mac, Windows, etc. So, there’s no option for a TamilGun APK download. However, TamilGun’s mobile site is optimized for mobile usage. Tamil Gun is actually one of the more mobile-friendly free movie streaming sites out on the Internet. If users have trouble accessing the website, it is recommended to go for a VPN. As stated above, Tamil Gun HD movie runs on all browsers. But, browsing on Chrome, Opera, or Firefox is recommended from our end.

One more advantage of TamilGun full movie that needs to be mentioned is the fact that TamilGun has a relatively lower number of ads compared to its rival websites. There is also a way to get rid of these ads. Adding an ad blocker would very easily enhance the overall user experience. The minimal ad-free experience and the amazing content library try to cover up for the amateur design of TamilGun. It overall depends on the user. For movie streaming, lesser ads and better variety are a better boon in our opinion compared to the problem of having to tackle a poorly designed interface.  


First of all, there is major work to do for Tamil Gun in terms of its website design. The layout is way too confusing. First-time users will simply exit due to the non-navigable nature of the website. Tamil Gun HD movies should go for a cosmetic makeover of the website and not a complete overhaul because there are some handy features. It includes the smart ambient radio option and the low amount of ads that they have somehow managed. And, the smart search engine-like feature of embedded streaming links. Working on user-friendliness will make Tamil Gun HD one of the best Indian movie streaming sites. 

Secondly, TamilGun needs to be adventurous and try their luck on two things. First, a mobile application would be really nice. And second, including a paid program can help establish a sense of community and reliability for the one-time visitors. Paid programs mean revenue generation that can be further used to eliminate ads to bring them to a bare minimum. 


Overall, TamilGun has the potential to become one of the best movie streaming platforms on the Internet. If not the best in the world, they are just a few steps away from becoming the best among the Indian options. And, that is all thanks to their tremendous content library. TamilGun full movie is one of the best places for Indian movie buffs to find their desired title. Where the International sites struggle to provide quality Indian options, TamilGun has completely exploited this niche. 

Few unique features have helped TamilGun create its own identity among the competitors. First, the in-built radio station is a clever addition. It helps improve the premium ambient appeal of the website. And, secondly, TamilGun is one of the best destinations online to find over-dubbed movies in regional Indian languages. These unique features can help Tamil Gun HD succeed in their path, they need to make a few tweaks and improve the user-friendliness to hit the home run.