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SportLemon Live Sport Streams Online

With the increase in the number of streaming sites on avail for the users, there needs to be a differentiation of the good websites from the bad. The good ones always have at least one if not both – a great user interface and quality links to the streams. Sport Lemon falls in the category of the good websites, if not better. They have comprehensive coverage of a multitude of sports with a wide reach among its users and viewers. The users can stream Moto GP, football, Hockey, Tennis Basketball along with many different sports on offer. Although the site has run into some trouble and is not highly recommended, it is still one site for the users to keep an eye on in the future.

Why use SportLemons?

The users were able to stream a wide range of sports and satisfy their need for sports content on one platform. In its heyday, it used to be one of the best sites and had gone on to earn a cult following among its users because of the reliability it offered.

It offered its users the ability to stream high-quality matches for free, which were generally accessible through a paid subscription. It helped people out who wanted to watch their favorite team play but for one reason or another, couldn’t.

SportLemon used to be one of the original introducers of the layout, which is now utilized and adopted by half of the live streaming sites functioning right now. It was intuitive and simple in a way it added value to the site itself.

Why you should not use SportLemons?

The website is not what it used to be, with many viewers getting aggravated with the redirects it now usually offers when clicked on. There is no actual content left on the site to stream, with the site riddled with pop-ups and nagging advertisements. Many viewers and users have expressed their discontent with the website.

Back in the day when SportLemon was well-known and respected and relied on by the users, it hosted many live streams of various sports and events. Now the site hosts no streaming content or events and has become a shadow of its former self, if not worse.

There are many users and viewers joining the free streaming community every passing day. Not every website is known to provide great content as well as be a safe website to stream on. For the new users who are interested to check out sport Lemon as a potential site to stream their favorite sports, it is recommended not to go on the site, as there are no streams available, and it is not safe either.

How to access SportLemon?

It is not recommended to access the site, but in case any user still wishes to try it out, they must have their VPN and ad blocker on.

Layout of Sport Lemon

  1. Design – the only good thing about the site is its design. It has inspired other sites over the years to adopt its template and layout which has only helped the industry.
  2. Header – The header of the site contains the logo of the site. Below the header are the different sports that they can access but to no real avail. The header has a combination of a dark and light background which comes off easy on the eyes.
  3. Body – The hero section of the site is quite clean and easy to go through. The body also contains a list of fixtures that are ongoing, and that is about to be live in a little while. There are no ads, which almost make this site seem appealing and legit, but that is hardly the case. 
  4. Inner pages – with no inner pages, this site is really close to being fake and unusable. Any click on the site will be redirected to a variety of third-party links meant to serve as ads for them.

Content of Sport Lemons

The content that is apparently available on the site through visual pictures is hockey, football, tennis, basketball, baseball as well as others. It is to be noted, that only the pictures are available of those sports, and no actual stream links nor any streaming content is available.

Experience on Sport Lemon

The experience of the current SportLemon is atrocious. There are no proper links available, and every click only leads the users to redirect and wastes the users’ time. Even if the user or viewer tries to find rational links, they will only find redirects, and their time on the site is limited to only a couple of minutes before they get exhausted by the redirected links.


Sport Lemon is not recommended to be used by any user. It is not what it used to be, back in its heyday when it set the tone for the other streaming sites. It only redirects the users to useless ads and links which will only create annoyance.