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SnagFilms Watch Free Latest Movies

Paying monthly streaming bills for OTT platforms and Cable TV can get out of hand. That is why we have free movie streaming websites. However, there is a lot of confusion among users in choosing one among the many available options on the Internet. For that reason, we keep bringing you these user reviews of some of the most popular websites in the segment. 

Today we discuss one such free movie streaming website called Snag Films. Snag Films is a classic name and is considered a hall of fame material among free movie websites. The developers at Snag films have coined a specific term, ‘Filmanthropy’ to resonate with the vision of the website. It differentiates them from the rest in terms of the powerful high-quality content they extend through their servers. 

What is Snagfilms?

SnagFilms online is one of the many free movie services on the Internet. However, it is an on-demand service. This means that not everyone can go to the website and stream a movie according to their own wish. Here, users will have to state a demand first. Which upon acceptance is extended to the user. 

It stands out in terms of the user experience. Once you demand a title out of the 10,000 available titles, there is no stopping. There are no barriers like unnecessary ads or interruptions. It is pure entertainment. Put out your lights and connect your device to a bigger display and your personal theatre is ready. 

How to access snagfilms free movies?

Snag Films is an application-based service. Users will have to download the application to be able to access its services. There is no Snagfilms official website. Users can simply search for ‘Snagfilms app download’ or ‘Snagfilms apk’ to reach the installable file to be downloaded. Earlier, there was an official app on the Google Play store. However, it has been removed for understandable reasons. The app size is around 30 MB. It was downloaded more than 100,000 times a month from popular APK destinations. 

However, make sure that you’re on a VPN connection. Such dicey websites to download APKs from can have malicious ads and trackers. VPN will provide decent cover from both these issues and keep your identity and location protected. Additionally, search youtube SnagFilms for tutorial on using and downloading the application.

Features of Snagfilms movies

To become one of the most recognizable names in the movie streaming world isn’t a mean feat. Kudos to Snagmovies to have achieved that. It is easy to understand why Snagfilms must have packed a decent amount of features to appeal to its regular users. Some of those are discussed below. 

Hassle-free Sign-in

On the app, the first requirement is to sign in. The platform can be accessed and browsed as a guest but we recommend signing in. By being a logged-in user, you can get access to all of the features of the application. The sign-in process is super easy whereby, you can directly choose options like a Facebook account or a Google account to pace up the process. It will give you access to smart features like recommendations and skipping the queues for a demand. Moreover, you can download your favorite titles onto your device when you’re signed in. 

Easy to use UI

The user interface is a big positive for Snagfilms movies. The usability and navigation are top-class, thanks to some good developers back at the office. The menus are well designed and so are the inner pages that can be reached with a click on the said menus. Moreover, the classification is well done. Anyone can reach their desired title, thanks to the categories present. These are mostly based on Genres and are super easy to use. The overall user interface gets a big thumbs up from our end. 

Snagfilms Great Compatibility

Snag Films is a highly compatible platform. Windows 8, XBOX 360, Amazon Kindle, Roku, and Smart TV are a few devices and platforms where Snagfilms online is supported. The buffering depends upon the stability of the network you’re on. But for the most part, the internal player does a great job and users do not generally feel the need for an extension to an external player. 

Genre-based categorization

A good chunk of work has gone into categorizing the 10,000 available titles into 15 broad genres. They are documentaries, Cult Classics, Crime, Animation, History, Short Films, Horror, Science, Action, Biography, Environment, Military, Thrillers, LGBT, and Food. These make navigating the website super easy and are a boost to the overall user experience.

Application Interface Design

SnagFilms website has a simple, easy-to-use, yet stand-out design. The color scheme is dark grey with blue accents. The accents are too subtle and can only be seen under great attention. It has a well-laid-out layout of thumbnails. These thumbnails are classified in terms of categories like Genres. 

Home and Inner Pages

The homepage functions are similar to the hero section on any website. The header area has no navigational buttons or a logo. It rather has a section of categories. These include Filmanthropy, Climate Change, Celebrate Pride, Foreign Films, Music, and Drama. On the bottom, there are four more options. They are ‘Home’, ‘Movies’, ‘Search’, ‘Menu’. The last option is the vastest one. It sends the users to a further drop-down of genres available. 

The inner page is where the streaming happens. The title would appear on the top, followed by an informative section. It includes information like ‘Runtime’, ‘Release year’, and ‘Genre’. On the right there are two options, one to close the stream and the second, to view the demand queue for the current title. The streaming player has three main options. They are Download, Add to Watch List, and User rating. These are pretty self-explanatory. Below the player is the final section that includes the Director, Cast, and Synopsis.

Snag Films Content

There is no lack of content on Snagfilms online. There are over 10,000 titles on offer. However, users do not find newer releases on this platform. It is all about acclaimed movies and classics. Basically, the type that users would like to watch on-demand. The library is updated fairly regularly. You’ll find something new every time you browse Snag films. Both movies and TV series make up the 10,000+ titles you’d find on Snag films. 

All of this content is of course categorized into 15 broad genres. They are documentaries, Cult Classics, Crime, Animation, History, Short Films, Horror, Science, Action, Biography, Environment, Military, Thrillers, LGBT, and Food.

Kickin’ it, A Fighting Chance, Sink or Swim: Learning the Crawl in the Maldives, Senegalese Women, Sewing Hope, Letters from the Big man, India’s Hidden Plague, The Iran Job, Out in Silence, Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years, We the People: The Market Basket Effect are some of the most popular movie titles on the platform. 

‘Women on the Front Line’, ‘Purple States’, ‘The World Cup Project’, ‘Shark Men’, and ‘We The Economy’ are the rarest TV shows found on Snag films. ‘Teacher’s Lounge’, ‘American Viral’, ‘Don’t Walk’, and ‘Gabe & Max Need Help’ are the most popular original TV shows on Snagmovie.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

There is no SnagFilms website. However, the experience on both mobile and desktop is top-notch. It is expected though. Snagmovie is an app-based platform and applications give you much better optimization. However, you’d need a stable internet connection of over 15 Mbps to enjoy a seamless streaming experience. The quality on 5-10 Mbps struggles to keep up with a resolution of 720 -1080p. But, with internet speeds over 15 Mbps is an all-smooth sail. 

The inbuilt player isn’t too fancy. However, it gets the job done. There isn’t any option available for an extension for an external player. Users also do not generally feel the need for one. It all comes down to the stability and speed of the network. Issues like fast-forward and non-sync of audio tracks appear due to the same. 



There isn’t too much wrong with Snagfilms movies. They stand out as one of the best application-based free movie streaming platforms. The user interface of the application is good as well. The only improvement they could make is in terms of its internal player. There are two possible solutions. First, include an extension to use an external player. Second, improve the internal player itself. There shouldn’t be issues like non-syncing audio tracks, missing subtitles, etc. for a service that is in the race to become the leader of the segment. 

Lastly, including trending titles and new releases faster will not harm the platform’s growth. Right now, the same is a glaring omission in Snagfilms’s case. 


Truth to be told, Snagfilms movies are doing some extraordinary work. Not only are their services absolutely free, but they are also extending services very similar to OTT platforms. They pose a massive threat to the latter’s business. The application-based service is the biggest asset Snagfilms online have. The ease of using an application per need makes it so much more accessible.

They only need to make small improvements to their library and video player. They are on course to becoming legends of the on-demand free movie streaming service.