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RojaDirecta Gratis - Pirlo TV - Futbol en Vivo

There are very few streaming websites that offer the user an introduction of themselves, for the user to understand and get acquainted to. On top of that there are even fewer sites that allow the users access to multiple links according to their own preference and perusal as well. The introduction isn’t something that the users base their preference and choice around, but it is something that they appreciate, as a token of consideration by the website for their present and future viewers and users.

Rojadirecta is a sport streaming websites that offers its users links to the latest sporting events across the globe. They offer a range of different sports streams as well as the option to choose different links which suit them best or their internet connectivity to enjoy a stream which is lag free.

Why use RojaDirecta TV?

The site has as good a case as any of the other sports cricket streaming sites offering multiple stream links to a number of different sports. They are simple in their approach and that is their key feature to any new user. The ease of access to stream links makes a website far more appealing even if they are not the best in their appearance.

Features of RojaDirecta

  1. Multiple Links – in the age where sites can only offer one maybe two links for each stream, it can easily start to lag. This site can offer more than 5 links to some of the fixtures on offer which ensures high quality stream for every viewer streaming on the site.
  2. Content Library – they offer streams to several sports and some of the most popular ones around the globe. With links to some of the most popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball, and much more on offer.
  3. Ease of Access – there are sites that will require you to walk and navigate through multiple pages to actually end up on the page where the user can access the link to stream and start enjoying their stream. This site offers links to the streams on its homepage which allows the users to enjoy the live stream without having to miss a minute of action.

How to access RojaDirecta TV?

Accessing the site is relatively simple, the user needs to type in rojadirecta in their search engine, select the relevant result, usually the first one among them and log on to the site. Once on the site, they can easily access the stream links and enjoy their favorite sporting fixtures.

Layout of rojadirecta en vivo

  1. Design – the design is very simple for the site. They have not been very creative and have used the well-known color combination of red and white to their advantage to add flair to the site. With a compact setup of the site, it plays well with the other factors.
  2. Header – The header contains the logo of the site with an image of a referee. Below the header, the user can find different links some of which do not work and need to be fixed by the developers.
  3. Body – the body contains the list of fixtures that are available for the user to live stream.  The different links for the stream can be accessed when the viewer selects one of the fixtures and they can then move on to streaming the event. Below the fixture list, the viewers can find the introduction about the site by the developers.
  4. Inner pages – there are no inner pages for the site specifically, but at the bottom, there are specific links relating to the different sports that are on offer. The users can head over to the different sections and access the links from there relating to the specific sport.

Content of RojaDirecta

For a site that looks as simple as theirs, any new user would be forgiven to think that they only offer stream links to a few different sports and relating fixtures. But in fairness, they offer links to sports and fixtures such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, rugby and much more.

They offer links to all of the available and live games on their home page, but if the viewer heads over to the specific section as given in the links at the bottom of the homepage of the site, they can access content and streams and links relating to that particular sport which is convenient.

Experience on RojaDirecta TV

My experience of the site changed from what I first thought about it when I logged on. At first, I was extremely underwhelmed and was expecting to be disappointed by the site as to how lackluster it looked. But once I gave myself the time to navigate around, it became clear to me that this site packs a punch as much as any other streaming site you could head over to. The simple design is something that leaves a lot to be desired, but their own introduction, multiple links, ease of access, and just sheer simplicity made me understand why they work the best in the way they do work.


I recommend any viewer who is looking for a different site to stream to check this out, and for others to keep it as a backup plan if they do not wish to switch. This site can easily become any new user’s favourite provided they give the site time to adjust to the user. This site can offer everything a viewer may need in terms of being able to stream comfortably. They do not offer any other content apart from streaming for the users to access.