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Putlocker stream movies and TV shows online for free

Multiplexes and renting out DVDs to watch the latest movies have been an old custom. However, with the tremendous rise in the expenses associated with the same, more and more people have shifted to online streaming platforms. There are several platforms to choose from but only a handful are as reliable and popular as Putlockers.

This guide to using the services of Putlocker should help you to better the next time you go online searching for your favorite movies.

What is Putlockers Movies?

Putlockers Movies is one of the original sites that started the trend of online movie streaming. It was founded in the United Kingdom back in 2012. Since then, Putlockers has been famous as one of the most notorious sites on the Internet. There were several copyright infringements and lawsuits associated with Put locker’s official website. This led to them redesigning the sites a few times in the recent past. At the moment, a redesigned site in 2021 is functional. It is still the preferred destination of a lot of viewers despite competition from sites like Fmovies, 123movies, etc. 

How to access Putlockers?

The best way to access them is to search ‘Putlocker’ on Google. Regardless, it should be one of the top results for searches like ‘movies free stream’. Putlocker Stream is an old and popular name that has already completed a decade of inception. It is easily accessible through any web browser without any sort of VPN. Even secure browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. get the job done. Additionally, it is also popular on reddit. There are subreddits like Putlocker reddit, etc.  

Putlocker alternatives

Other than being a reliable name for movie streaming for many years, Putlocker also stands out in terms of the various user-friendly features that it provides. Some of those are discussed below. 

Put locker mirrors

The website stands out in terms of its design and layout. Firstly, Putlocker official website hasn’t changed its signature color scheme of green and grey throughout the many years. They also had to shut off a lot of websites and create new ones. Still, the signature color scheme stays. There are two handy features right on the homepage that will grab the user’s attention. A big search bar and genre filtering options on the footer. 

Putlockers unblocked

The first thing you notice as soon as you land on the homepage is a big search bar. You can search for a title right away if you have the desired movie in mind. This is the new feature that has helped Putlocker free movies dodge copyright infringements. The content on Putlocker stream is updated by different admins around the world and it merely catalogs them in the library. But, it still has one of the most reliable collections of such links.  

Easy Genre Filters of Putlockers

If you do not have the desired title you need to search for, a short scroll below to the footer area will bring you to the genres tabs. You can check titles as per genre and country. Both these handy options are available on the homepage footer itself. Alongside it, is a long description of Putlocker’s decade-long history.

Content-Range on Putlocker Stream

There simply is no limit to the amount of content available on Put locker in form of movies (animated too) and TV shows. Here are a few highlights of the content range.

Latest Movie titles on Putlockers 2022

Putlocker is the best place to find high-quality streams of rare movies that aren’t otherwise available in full HD prints on the Internet. Movies like The Joker, the entire Avengers series, Star Wars, etc. are all available on Put locker stream. Newer movies like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Once upon a time in Hollywood, etc. are also available in pristine audio-visual quality.

Popular TV Shows on Put locker 2022

Just like the case is with movies, TV shows also are available in plenty on Put locker. Famous TV shows like Chernobyl, American Horror Story, Rick and Morty, etc. are easily and readily available on the website. The direct tab named TV Shows on the homepage will take you to the complete listing of TV Shows available.

6 Different Genres on Putlocker Stream

One of the most impressive things about the website is the huge time that must’ve gone into categorizing the content into 6 broad genres: Action, Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, and Romance.  As stated above, the genre classification is also available on the homepage itself. 

Desktop and Mobile Experience of Putlocker Free Movies

The desktop experience is good if you take out the effort that goes into skipping ads. In a free service as such, it is normal for publishers to earn money through ad postings. But, such ads have proved to contain malware and users must be clever to skip these ads to ensure their PC is safe, sound, and healthy. 

There are no complaints about the website. The homepage and the inner pages are all professionally designed and optimized to give users a good experience both on a PC and a mobile phone. There is also a mobile application that can be downloaded on any android phone but it isn’t listed in the Google Play store. So, to install the app, users will have to allow unknown sources in the settings. This could be undesired by most users. But, the app does perform well and there haven’t been any major complaints from the users who browse on the application.

Suggestions for Put locker

Honestly, there isn’t anything to complain about the services here. Putlocker websites have been one of the founders of this trend and have done exceptionally well with its range of content. Not to forget all services are absolutely free.  There is, however, only one thing that Putlockers 2022 could improve on. First is the amount of ads that pop up when you click on a movie to stream it online. These could be malicious in nature and a lot of users do not want to risk their PC health. 


Overall, Putlocker 2022 is offering some quality service at literally no cost. The things that stand out are the quality of the streams and the variety of content. At the same time, there are issues like a huge number of ads during the stream. Many of these ads are proven to be malicious. But, despite this single drawback, users keep coming back to Putlockers because of the ease of use. Good content and a very user-friendly interface set it apart from its competitors on the Internet.