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Moviesjoy Free Movies Streaming

Streaming content online has become the new normal. Gone are the days when people depended on Cable TV or rented out DVDs. Today, the people of the Internet are only aware of online streaming. In such a competitive field, premium Over The Top (OTT) services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are leading the charge in terms of content and user experience. However, subscriptions to these platforms may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we have free streaming websites online.

There is often a misconception that premium appeal and user experience can only be found on paid OTT platforms. Here, we discuss a website called Movies joy which is changing the narrative for the good. They are standing out in terms of their exceptional website design and premium quality of services.

What is Movies Joy?

Movies Joy is a free streaming website. It extends an impressive content library to its users that include movies and TV shows. The biggest Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Movies Joy is the premium appeal of the website. It has a few popup ads but there are no banners once those ads are cleared. It has a roll-up ad similar to YouTube videos but that is bearable. That is because of the seamless streaming experience the user gets after that roll-up ad is done. 

How to access MoviesJoy website?

MoviesJoy website is supported on all major browsers. All you need to do is type out the website name on the search bar of your search engine. You should likely find the official website on the very first search result. Like most of the free streaming sites, MoviesJoy doesn’t come with an application of its own. As such, the website is the only way to access their services. 

Always use a VPN while streaming the website. This is because there are popup ads on this website that lead you to third-party sites. Such popups are always suspicious and can be malicious in nature. Moreover, a VPN will guard the location and identity of the user.

Features of MoviesJoy

As stated earlier, Movies Joy comes with a premium appeal like no other website in the segment does. But, even beyond it, there are a few key features that are helping its cause. Some of these features are discussed below.

Moviesjoy Simple and Easy Streaming Experience

On MoviesJoy website, a user doesn’t need to create IDs or subscribe to a service. They can simply get onto the website, clear out the ads, click on a title and start streaming. The streaming quality is fantastic. While resolution starts at standard definition, it goes up to Full HD. The range of titles is more than 12000. There is always something you would find worthy of your time on this website. Lastly, one key feature in the same area is the download option. Yes, you can download your favorite titles and enjoy them offline without any buffering whatsoever. 

In-depth Filtering

There has been some considerable time invested into filtering content on this website. There isn’t just one way of categorizing content, there are several. First, there is country-based segregation that will show you titles based on the country of origin of that particular title. 

Next, there is the traditional genre-based categorization. There are as many as 23 genres available. They are ‘Action,’ ‘Adventure,’ ‘Animation,’ ‘Comedy,’ ‘Crime,’ ‘Documentary,’ ‘Drama,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘History,’ ‘Horror,’ ‘Kids,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Mystery,’ ‘News,’ ‘Reality,’ ‘Romance’, ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Soap’, ‘Talk’, ‘Thriller’, ‘War’, and ‘Western’.

Lastly, there is also a special category where titles are sorted based on their IMDb ratings. That is again a touch that adds to the premium appeal of the website.

Website Design and Interface

As stated earlier, the website stands out in terms of its design. There is no doubt that the aesthetic appeal of the website is top-notch. But, with movie streaming websites, generally, either design or the user interface is compromised. It is always one or the other. However, that isn’t the case with MoviesJoy streaming. Here, both design and user experience are taken care of. It closely resembles the user interface of any top OTT you could think of.

The color combination is in hues of purple. The dark hues give an appeal similar to a premium OTT like Netflix. Moreover, the search bar, navigation, user toggles, etc. will make you stay a bit longer on the website. MoviesJoy safe is a joy to sure. 

Movies joy Header

The header stands out with a yet darker shade than the rest of the website. There is a logo on the left which is followed by six options. They are ‘Home’, ‘Genre’, ‘Country’, ‘Movies’, ‘TV Shows’, and ‘Top IMDb’. Besides these central tabs, there is a sign-up area on the right. But, as stated earlier, signing up is not a necessity on this website. You are more than welcome to stream as a guest. 

Body and Hero Section

The Hero section houses the massive search bar. Below the search bar is the social media icons. They include direct links to the social media accounts of MoviesJoy net on ‘Twitter’, ‘Telegram’, ‘Email’, ‘Reddit’, and ‘WhatsApp’. Under the social media icons, one can find the various trending titles. Here, there is a toggle to choose between movies or TV shows. 

Just below this starts the Body section. Here, the webpage is divided into half a dozen rows, each having 16 content pieces. The rows segregate categories. Hovering on the thumbnail shows vital information about the selected content like the title, release year, duration, tags, and available resolution. (HD or SD)

Inner page and Footer

The inner page on Movies joy houses a big inbuilt player that takes up more than half of the screen. It functions really well and there is no need felt for an external player. The player is followed by yet more vital information on the selected title like the Title, Trailer, Quality, Release, Genre, Cast, Duration, Country, and Production.

The footer is kept simple and sweet. It has a short summary of the website just like a premium OTT. There also are four options alongside it. They are ‘Terms of Service’, ‘DMCA’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Sitemap’. Towards the right is the Help option to fill up a contact form or jump to the FAQs. And, that is it about the website design of MoviesJoy streaming. 


As stated earlier, there are more than 12000 titles on offer on Movies Joy. Latest movies like Trolls World Tour, Birds of Prey, IP Man 4, My Spy, Underwater, Jumanji: The Next Level are also available readily. The same is the case with TV Series. Money Heist, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Siren, Home Before Dark, Tales from the Loop, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. are readily available.  

Mobile and Desktop Experience

First things first, there is no MoviesJoy app for streaming Moviesjoy free movies. Secondly, there are pop-up ads. Therefore, it is no use to talk about the mobile experience of the website. It is expectedly bad although the website is well optimized for usage on smaller screens. The desktop experience, however, is top-notch. Thanks to the premium appeal and seamless streaming quality. 

Users only need to make sure they are using a VPN and an Adblocker to steer clear of the numerous popups that send you to third-party sites. But, these can easily be avoided. When done, there is no difference between a premium OTT like Netflix and Movies Joy streaming.


The suggestions for MoviesJoy are straightforward. Looking at their website and services, one can be sure that they mean serious business. And the two suggestions we have will aid in the same for MoviesJoy’s future. Firstly, there is a need to crack ad management on this website. Popups are a big NO in today’s day. They could look to start a paid program if revenue is the issue holding them back. 

The second big miss is a mobile Moviesjoy application. MoviesJoy needs to sort the mobile experience. Right now, it is unusable due to the popups. These are much harder to clear on a smaller screen. They should start by developing an android Moviesjoy app first and then, slowly walk up the ladder. 


Movies Joy carries the potential to put OTT giants like Netflix and Hulu out of business. Their website design and user interface are so good-looking and easy to use that users are bound to return to their website. Not to forget, there are 12000+ titles on offer. But, if they are to go big in the future, there are a few things they’ll need to crack. 

As stated earlier in the suggestions section, getting rid of pop-up ads is the first thing. This would put up their website among the very best ones in the industry. The second is to venture out into other platforms and present their services inside an application. The mobile experience needs serious improvement and investing in research and development for applications could be the way forward for Movies Joy.