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Online Movie Streaming Websites

Cable TV connections and satellite networks are things of the past now. We’re today settled in a much faster-paced world. People are generally on the move. From our phones to charging said phones, everything has gone wireless. As such, entertainment means must go wireless as well. The introduction to content streaming online may have happened with the inception of YouTube. But, it took considerable time for the overall concept to develop. There was always a possibility but the monetary turnovers in releasing movies in theatres were much more profitable. 

That was until Over The Top (OTT) platforms showed the way forward. Even before OTTs crashed into the scene, torrents helped people watch movies for free. But soon after, the concept of streaming entire movies online started showing considerable growth. That is what forms the crux of this article. Free movie websites are very much in the hype right now. They provide free services or paid ones that are considerably much cheaper than OTT subscriptions. Moreover, the quality and variety are also satisfactory depending on which website you’re streaming on. 

What are Free movie websites?

The name itself is very self-explanatory. These are websites on the Internet that help users around the world watchfree movies. This is done through two different modes. These modes are streaming and downloading. Some sites offer both of these services like Putlockers. Whereas, there also are sites that specialize in one or the other. DonTorrent is one website that has only downloading options. At the same time, Fmovies is one website that only has an option for streaming movies online. 

These free movie streaming sites are generally free. Some offer a paid membership for added benefits. But, the fee is considerably lower than OTTs. Moreover, some websites are known to extend brilliant streaming qualities and handy features like dark mode, movie information, IMDb sorting, etc. All of these combined makes for a worthwhile experience on such sites. 

How to access free movie websites 2022?

There are certain steps to accessing free movie streaming sites. The procedure is fairly simple. All you need is a smart device, a web browser, and a stable internet connection. Most of these websites are supported on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Just type out a search similar to ‘watch movies online for free and your search result should be loaded with such websites. 

Click on reliable ones like Putlocker, Gogomovies, 123movies, Fmovies, etc. for the best user experience. However, before streaming on these websites make sure that you have protection via a VPN. If you are planning to use free online movie streaming sites on a regular, you must invest in a VPN. A VPN protects the location and identity of the user at all times. So, in countries where piracy isn’t seen in the best sight, you’ll stay protected. Moreover, such websites are full of popup ads that can be malicious. These hamper the PC health of the system you’d browse through. Therefore, investing in an Adblocker is another decent suggestion from our end. This would make your experience totally ad-free.

Advantages of Movies Websites

There are several advantages of using free online movie streaming sites over Cable TV or OTTs. There is a reason why such websites are termed chord-cutting services. People are actually moving away from wired connections and choosing streaming websites over them. 

Free Streaming Service

Firstly, as the name suggests, they are absolutely free of all costs. Some websites do have a paid membership. Even these paid plans are much more economical when we compare them to the subscription fee of satellite networks or OTTs. Moreover, there isn’t really a need to pay up for the ad-free experience. On searching deep, you are always guaranteed to find your desired title of good quality. 

Variety of Content

Secondly, the variety of free movie websites is a major unique selling point (USP). Movies and TV shows are exclusive to one OTT or the other. Just as TV series are exclusive to one single channel on regular live Television. However, on free online movie streaming sites, there isn’t such a case. You can find the maximum amount of content under one roof. There are no loyalty issues. Netflix originals and Amazon originals can exist together side by side. Something not possible on official or legal services.


Internet is available everywhere. At least this statement is true in first and second-tier cities in most countries of the world. That is what makes streaming content on the Internet so accessible. Replacing your Cable TV is that easy today. All you need is an internet connection and a capable device. Even a standard android smartphone works in some cases. You can, therefore, watch movies online for free very easily. 

Disadvantages of Free online Movie Streaming sites

While the advantages are certainly higher, there are a few disadvantages of free movie websites that cannot be ignored. Firstly, the search for titles can be a sort of an issue. Not all titles are so readily available and one is made to search to their limits. You might need to even spread your search out to more than one website. 

Secondly, the popup ads are a major problem. They can be malicious and can hamper the health of your device. Moreover, they become a real issue when you use these websites on your mobile phone. Clearing popup ads on your desktop is painful enough. On a mobile device, it is simply unbearable. 

Lastly, one disadvantage stays constant with both wired connections and Internet-based connections. One cannot always be sure of uninterrupted streaming. OTTs are the clear winner in this case. However, Cable TV is known for its fluctuating network. Similarly, free movie websites can have issues with buffering, voice sync, and latency. Investing in services like VPN, Adblocker and even the paid membership that some sites offer can help users get away from these issues. 

Types of Free Movie Websites

Free movies online sites is a huge umbrella term. There are a few divisions that can be created inside this broad category. First, come the torrent sites like Pirate Bay and DonTorrent. These aren’t the traditional movie streaming sites. They house torrent files that can be downloaded via a client app like BitTorrent or QbitTorrent. They are especially good for finding new releases.

The second is the traditional Free movies online sites where users are allowed to stream content for free. There are a few options to choose from. There are websites like Fmovies that concentrate more on the content. At the same time, there are websites like Moviesjoy that concentrate more on giving their users a premium experience with as lesser ads as possible. 

Third, a sub-genre has cracked up in high popularity in recent times. These are Anime streaming sites. Anime movies and series are gaining quite the currency. Websites like 9anime and AnimeDao are standing out in this regard. And, if you’re looking beyond movies for a Cable TV replacement then, going for a live TV streaming site like USTV GO is your best bet. These websites cover movies, series, live TV, News, Sports, etc.


There are only a few suggestions for both Free movies online sites and their users. Firstly, the free movie websites should try and develop mobile applications. Having an Android app is the need of the hour. It will so easily solve the problems users face on mobile phones. Ad management can be done better on a mobile application. Secondly, having a dedicated app adds to the reliability and appeal of the website. 

Users wish there could be some solution for the many ads that appear on these websites. But, sadly ads are a part and parcel of a free service. It is true for premium social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is also true for such free movie streaming sites. However, there is a way to jump over these hurdles. And, that is to invest in a VPN and Adblocker. 

Such services, again, can be expensive for some users. For them, there is only one way out. That is to be picky with their choices and go for more reliable sites like Fmovies, 123movies, etc. They should avoid newer and more ad-laden sites like Gogomovies.


To sum it all up, free movie websites seem like the future of entertainment around the world. They are fast, convenient, and most importantly free. People already use WiFi or expensive mobile internet networks for all their day-to-day needs. As such, if the entertainment needs are also satisfied inside the same monthly bill that is a great deal. 

However, free movie streaming sites will take time to grow on you. But, once it does there’s no going back. Even then, for die-hard television followers who cannot afford to miss out on any episode or any new release, they should stick to an official Cable or OTT network. It is also true for entertainment journalists who’d want quick updates. So if you find yourself in this description, free movie websites aren’t for you. It is for the tech junkie who doesn’t want to invest much into their entertainment needs and isn’t too serious about not completing a movie in one single sitting. It is the best option available for the casual viewer. They can, therefore, watch movies online for free very easily.