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M4ufree Watch Free Full Movies Online

With the rapidly growing population, entertainment needs are growing too. Although cable and satellite TV seemed like the popular option a few years back, now the excessive cabling and rapid movement of people from one place to another has made it less likely to be opted for. Replacing these are the new movie streaming sites. They offer great value. The paid memberships that some of these sites offer are much more economical than subscribing to cable TV. Moreover, they try to replicate expensive and premium Over The Top (OTT) services which ensures a good user experience on most of such sites. 

However, there are plenty of these sites on the Internet today. And, choosing one among the many options can be a tough task. As such, we help you choose the best site according to your needs. Here, we discuss one such impressive free movie streaming site called M4uFree. 

What is M4uHD?

M4uFree is a free streaming website. While it is only one of the many similar websites on the Internet, it stands out in terms of the choices it provides to the users. It provides a seamless streaming experience whereby users can toggle between standard definition and High definition. Both resolutions are made available for almost all content present on the website. Users are also given choices of watching the content with or without subtitles. They can choose the content from a variety of genres. Therefore, all of these users toggle in the in-built player alongside handy features like a search bar and navigation panel increasing the usability of this website.  

How to access M4ufree TV?

There is no M4u movies application at the moment. The website is really the only option to access their services. Reaching the website is fairly easy. All you need to do is type ‘M4uFree TV’ on your search engine and you are likely to find the correct website in the first search result. 

However, there is one small recommendation from our side. And, that is to use a VPN anytime you’re browsing sites that fall under the banners of piracy. It is not the most welcome in many countries of the world. Therefore, having a VPN service protect your identity and location can go a long way in terms of your safety. It will also provide a considerable defense to your PC against malicious links and sites. 

Features of M4ufree Movies

M4u Free TV is definitely an impressive website. But, it does have a few areas where it lacks. Even then, users come to visit again for the seamless streaming experience alone. It does pack a few useful and cumbersome features with it. Here is a discussion of a few such key features of this website. 

Genre-based Categorization

One of the first things that are bound to impress you about M4uHD is the massive categorization of its content based on its genre. It makes the overall navigation in the content library much easier and aids usability. Users can find something to suit their taste easily through the 20-genre categories available on M4u Free TV. They are Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller, War, and Western.

Anime Content

While there are numerous sites like 9anime and AnimeDao that offer great versatility in terms of anime content, M4uHD’s anime library cannot go unnoticed. It is undoubtedly one of the best among the general movie or TV show streaming sites. ‘Rocket Monkeys’, ‘Glitch Techs’, ‘Shaun the Sheep’, ‘Street Fighter’, ‘Smile at the Ru’, ‘Nekopara’, ‘Infinite Dendro’, ‘Ahiru no Sora’, ‘Darwin’s Game’, ‘Radiant’, ‘Stone Quackers’, ‘Deathstroke’, and ‘Kim Possible’ are all available on M4u HD TV. Only a handful of anime titles aren’t available. Mostly, all popular ones find mentioned. That’s incredible for a free movie streaming site. 

M4ufree tv Ad-management

nother striking feature of M4uFree Movies is the well-managed ads of this website. While most websites will dull down the user experience with popup ads on every click, M4u movies Free movies has resorted to banner ads. Ads are also present in the widget form. However, they do not eat into the player and disrupt the viewing experience. Ads are a part and parcel of a free website. However, M4uHD has done a great job to balance both revenue generation and user satisfaction. 

Website Design of M4ufree

As is the case with most of the free streaming websites, the design is given less attention to. But, the usability has been worked upon certainly. The color combination is grey and white. A big logo appears in green color right at the center of the homepage. There were green accents here and there on the website. The color was refreshing but the same cannot be said about the aesthetic appeal of the website. 


The header has seven navigational options. They are ‘Home’, ‘New Movies’, ‘New TV series’, ‘Genre’, ‘Year’, ‘Anime’, and ‘Most Watch’. Out of these seven, only Genre and Year has a pull-down menu. The rest directs you to an inner page. Options like New Movies, New TV series and Most Watched are really handy for first-time users. And finally, if you’re looking for anime, there is a direct option to help you in your search. 

Body and Footer

A ratio of 30:70 is maintained throughout the website. 30% is allotted to ads and the rest to content. The hero and body sections are busy parts of the website. The navigational bar, search bar, content thumbnails, etc. are all placed here. The footer, however, is much more engaging and sums up the user-friendliness of the website. 

There is copyright information hyperlinked on the left side of the footer. Besides, it is three options – year, more, and contact. Year lets you choose from among the best titles of a particular year. More will take you to pages like recommendations, content lists, and most-watched titles. Contact has the links to all their social media including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram.


We’ve already discussed in detail about the Anime content of the website. Other than that, users are treated to a content library surpassing 4500 titles overall. There is one specifically interesting feature. And, that is the favorite sorting as per votes. Users can vote on titles that they think should be their favorite titles for a week, month, or year. The streaming quality is set at SD or HD as per preference. Under the favorite votes, some of the best titles spotted were ‘Bad Boys for Life’, ‘Trolls World Tour’, ‘Bloodshot’, ‘The Gentlemen’, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’, and ‘Birds of Prey’.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

As stated earlier, there is no M4uFreeMovies app. No application is present for any sort of operating system. As such, the website is the only available resource to enjoy its service. The website is well optimized for smaller screens as well but lacks overall aesthetic appeal. The user toggles are one key feature of this website and that is why there is absolutely no need for an external player here. 

The streaming experience is seamless. Thanks to the brilliant ad management that M4uFreeTV has somehow cracked. The user experience on the desktop is, therefore, top-notch. On mobile devices, clearing ads could be a tough one. But, it still does a better job than most of the websites out there. Lastly, using a VPN and Adblocker will elevate the experience by leaps and bounds. Especially, on mobile, an Adblocker is really handy. 


There are only two suggestions for M4uHD. Overall, they’re doing a brilliant job of offering choices to the users. Something deemed luxury in the world of free movie streaming sites. However, M4uHD has been able to achieve it and it is their credit. 

The suggestions, however, are in terms of the aesthetic appeal of the website. For a website that extends such great usability overall, the design can be the further icing on the cake. If the problem is in lack of funds then starting a paid subscription could be the way to go. They can offer ad-free streaming to paid consumers to differentiate the service. 

Even if M4uHD aren’t adventurous enough to launch a paid membership, they should be adventurous enough to start thinking about applications. The developers should work on an android app. That should be the starting point and from there they should look to extend their network. The app would provide better ad management on mobile devices. Right now, that is one massive miss in their services. 


M4u HD TV is indeed an impressive movie streaming website. While there are better sites in terms of content range and design, they stand out in their own strengths. There is no site with a better in-built player than M4u Free TV. It also leads the race in terms of usability and user-friendliness. They only need to work on the website design to put their website game to bed. On other platforms, there is still a long way to go. M4u HD TV has a lot of potentials and they can surely be the game changers in this industry.