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Kickass Torrents KAT Site Status and Official Mirrors List

Torrents have been one of the oldest websites to attract consistent traffic since their inception. There may have been sites that have been removed or banned, but their sister sites have kept going in such an instance and have performed well to satisfy the needs of the people who visit the site. Torrents as a site provides viewers with a wide range of content with access to movies and series and games as well as music and other applications.

For someone using Kickass torrents, they would already be familiar with how it works, as the viewer would need to go to the relevant link and start the download and just wait for it to finish to be able to access it. The site would take you to a linked server where the file would start downloading off of the magnet link.

Why use kickass torrents proxy?

There can be many reasons why one would want to use Torrents or kickass torrents in the current scenario. There are those who want to enjoy premium content without paying extra money every step of the way, there are those who find it easier to access their desired content via torrents rather than browsing through stream sites to find the right one for them, and the torrent site just gives ease of access and use compared to other sites.

Features of Kickasstorrents

The features of Kickass torrents are similar to any other torrent websites. Some of the features of the site are – 

  1. Ease of access – the sheer ease to access any of the content that one could desire and just navigate it on the site is nearly unmatched. It may have stagnated in its development, but it still is one of the most easily accessible websites despite the gap that has developed over the years with other sites.
  2. Range of content – the viewers and users can access content that ranges from movies including all the latest ones such as Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness to games such as the FIFA franchise up to the latest edition along with other content like Music and applications and TV shows.
  3. Downloadability – the torrent site allows us to download almost every content that it has to offer via their site. Although sometimes the download may not progress or load aptly, which is why they allow the users access to multiple links so as to counteract the link issues that a user may face.
  4. Options – there are several links available for an individual downloads and on some occasions, there are links available to sister torrent sites in case the download is not available on this site alone.

How to access kickass torrents?

Accessing the Kickass torrents website is pretty simple for any user, be it new or an old one. The user needs to type in Kickass torrents in their browser, and log onto the first site that is displayed in the results. Many times the site would not work or load, to go around this, there are sister sites displayed among the search results, the users can access the kickass torrent site via the siter sites.

Layout kickasstorrents com

  1. Design – the design is outdated for the website, as the progress and updates have left behind kickass torrents. It follows a gold and white color combination throughout, which in itself is fairly uncommon, but the appearance of the site leaves a lot to be desired to appeal to new users at first glance.
  2. Header – the header of the site is a display logo of the site saying kickass torrents which looks quite good. The white background works well with the gold and brown logo and enhances the look of the logo itself to some extent.
  3. Body – the body of the main page does not contain a lot of options except a search bar where one can search their query. It also displays the major heads that kickass torrents have to offer to us.
  4. Inner pages – the inner pages of the torrent site constitute mainly of the different content available for the user to download. With lists of movies and tv shows and games and music among other content available to download. In the individual content page, there is a description of the content with images showcasing how it looks and links for the download.

Content of kickasstorrents users

With a website offering a range of content as wide as this, it will fulfill the needs of almost any viewer that logs onto the sites. It may not have a long list if varied content, but it does offer a long list of content in the branches the site does offer. Some of the content include – 

  1. Movies – Doctor Strange & Multiverse of Madness; Jurassic World Dominion; Lightyear; and other highly rated movies that were released in the past.
  2. Games – The entire FIFA franchise; Resident Evil Franchise; God of War; The Sims 4 and many more games.
  3. TV Shows – The Boys; Ms. Marvel; Obi Wan Kenobi; the Umbrella Academy and other highly rated TV shows that are demanded by the viewers around the globe.
  4. Music – some of the latest music that is being released is available for download on this site including some of the big hits of the past. Songs of artists such as Drake, Rihanna, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar among others can be downloaded easily on the site.

Experience of kickasstorrents proxy

My experience of the site was fairly good. I enjoyed surfing the site and looking for different content to consume. The download option was quite simple as well, since the site allows us to start the downloads fairly quickly without and extra lead time. I would recommend users to check this site out as I found it personally appealing despite the lack of an improved appearance from the years gone by.


If someone is looking to download games, music, movie and/or TV shows, this is one of the best sites that is out there for any viewer and user to access as it is quite simply the easiest to navigate around.