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IPTorrents Reviews Private Torrent Trackers & File Sharing

Torrents have been one of the oldest methods for users to access content for free or without paying excess money for it. IP torrents has been one of those sites that has been around for a very long time. With its viewers and users dating back to the 2010s, one might think it has gone out of order and isn’t worth a look in at the current environment of the websites that are available to the viewers right now.

The site has gone down in its reputation over the years, with the site being accused of indiscreet activities such as abusing the cookies and other not so ethical obligations on them. Despite the imitations about the site, it is still trusted by those who have been a regular user of the site.

IP torrent may be a torrent site, but it is far from it in terms of the user experience that it offers. If the user is looking to stick to a torrent site, it would be advised to stay away from this one as it is not as good as one would expect a torrent site to be.

Why use IP Torrents?

It would depend on the kind of user one is and the kind of content one consumes. The historical users would tend to stick to the site because this is the site they know best and that it works best for them, the new users however may need more incentive than just being an old site with a long history.

Features of IP Torrents Proxy

With a site as old as this, there are plenty of features that make this site an attractive option for the users. Some of the features that would intrigue the user are as follows – 

  1. Forums – there are some perks of being an old site, as it means there already exists a social group on different platforms. IP Torrent already has a reddit page where other viewers can interact with each other. It also allows the team behind the site to interact and take responses as to where the site is lacking.
  2. Requests – the site has a separate page so that the users and viewers can place their request for the developers and the site to consider and hopefully one day, implement it as well. This is a very positive thing for the site, as it showcases that they are open to ideas coming from a wide range of people.
  3. Guide – The site allows people to access a tv guide so they can follow the shows and streams they would like to keep track of and so that they can stay on top of them.

How to access IPTorrents Proxy?

Accessing the site is relatively simple for the viewers. They need to type in ip torrent in their search engine and log onto the site from the results displayed. If they find it inaccessible, they can use a VPN or log on via one of their proxy servers.

IP Torrents Layout

  1. Design – the design of the site makes it obvious how old the site really is and leads us to believe not much work has gone towards rebranding a site in a newer vision and making it more appealing and in touch with current generation and environment.
  2. Header – the header seems to be built via one of the Microsoft operations such as power point or word, as the artwork is nothing special and too generic to make an impression at most. In addition to this the red and black and orange combination is visually unappealing that makes it seem a bit too strong.
  3. Body – the body mainly consists of content that it has to offer such as the guides and forums and browsing tab. It also consists of guides as to how to install utorrent and other torrent supporting software’s to ease downloads for the viewers.
  4. Inner pages – the inner pages are mostly content specific depending on what the user is looking for or has searched for. With links to the downloads as well as links to other related content available to the user.

Content of IPTorrents Review

The content on offer is not too varied as one would hope when checking out any of the torrent sites. It might come off as a hindrance for a user, but the content that is offered such as tv shows and movies, the total amount of that is enough to win over those users who are searching for that type of content. The forums offer users a space to interact with other viewers and get their opinion on the site and the content and shows of their interest.


My experience with the site was not the best, it felt laggy, and vague as the main site could not be accessed directly. I had to check out the site via a proxy server, and even then the site was mostly filler with installation guides and other things.

The internal pages cannot be accessed on the site as they throw up the same error as the main site, that it is not available and/or shows an error page that it is unavailable to access by the viewer and user.


My opinion is that, if you are looking for a site to stream and/or download, this is not the site for you, as it takes too much of ones time to navigate because of the constant crashes that one would face when on the site. Ad having to access the site via their proxy server is not a good experience for the user and viewer as it would only mean that the content on the original site is not available to access and the gap between accessing the two servers would not make for a great streaming and downloading experience for any viewer and user.