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Freeintertv Watch Live Online TV Channels Broadcasting

Cable TV charges are increasing day by day. Moreover, several problems are encountered when users depend on a Cable TV subscription for their entertainment needs. Firstly, the customer service of local Cable TV operators is very much non-reliable. Secondly, these services are very unstable in nature. Users cannot really be sure of their Cable TV giving them a seamless viewing experience. 

Due to all of these issues, free live TV platforms are gaining currency rapidly. Major OTT platforms have included live TV tabs on their applications. But, such a subscription can be expensive. Hence, this existing void was filled up by the introduction of live TV streaming platforms, also known as IPTVs. A lot of these services are absolutely free. Here, we discuss one of the lesser-known names in the industry, Free Inter TV.

What is Freeintertv com?

Free Inter TV is one of the lesser-known IPTV platforms. Its biggest Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that it provides its users with access to more than 1900 TV channels from different parts of the world. What’s even better is that they keep on adding newer channels from time to time. FreeInterTV online also features regional channels from countries like India, Russia, and Turkey making it the perfect alternative for Cable TV connections in such countries. It was created by a gentleman called Alexander Tsybulsky. Today, it offers news, entertainment, and music channels for free. 

How to access FreeInterTV online?

There are only two things you need to access FreeInterTV ITV. These two things are a VPN and a stable internet connection. To reach the website is very simple. Just type out the name on the Google search and the very first result should land you up there. It is supported on all major browsers including secure ones like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any dedicated mobile application. Therefore, the website is the only way to access FreeInterTV online services. It is, however, very well optimized for usage on mobile devices. 

Features of Free Inter TV

There are several exceptional features on FreeInterTV. To start with, what other IPTV will provide you with 1900+ channels for live streaming. Moreover, the team at FreeInterTV keeps updating these channels every week or so. You can even find remote channels on FreeInterTV that may even be missing on premium paid subscriptions as well. Some more of these handy features are discussed below.

Top 100 channels

In a sea of 1900+ channels, it is natural for users not to be able to find their desired channel right away. Or if users are randomly browsing for content to satisfy their zeal for entertainment, 1900 channels can be a difficult lot to choose from. Therefore, FreeInterTV has a top 100 channels tab. Here the most-watched channels are listed in terms of their viewership. This gives a sense of credibility to the website as well as these channels. Users can be sure about finding something interesting every time they click on any of these 100 channels. 


Yes, that is the correct heading. FreeInterTV even has a horoscope. While the use case scenario may be less, it is one of the most unique features. No other IPTV platform or for that matter any movie streaming site, proxy site, etc. has never had a horoscope. It is fun to check out your luck on this tab that takes users to an inner page. The horoscope is updated every day just like a daily newspaper.

Streaming Quality

The streaming quality on FreeInterTV is just decent. It isn’t the best IPTV out there on the internet nor is it the worst. The overall playback experience is good and there aren’t any annoying pop-up ads. There is a delay and latency compared to real-time but it is negligible and can be excused for a free service. The only improvement needed is in the resolution of the stream. The buffering is also very limited and well-calibrated.

Website Design

While the streaming quality isn’t the best but, gets the job done, the design is simply not up to the mark. There has been zero attention gone into making the website aesthetically appealing. It appears to be an intern’s job to be very fair. While the design is bad, user-friendliness also has to suffer due to the cumbersome design language. 

The header has the logo and a search bar. It also has several categories including Home, TV Online, Articles, Horoscope, Guest Book, and Feedback. Every single tab has its own dedicated inner page. However, only the Home, Horoscope, and Feedback pages are worth visiting. There is a problem with the Online TV tab. It only sends the users to a different new website that should have nothing to do with FreeInterTV. And lastly, the articles page hasn’t been updated since 2015. The last uploaded article is from 2015 and there hasn’t been any new writeup uploaded. Therefore, steer clear of this time wastage. 

Hero and Body Section

The hero section of FreeInterTV is the plainest and most unattractive hero section among all the competing websites. The only positive is that there are no ads or irritating native blogs. But, even then, the hero section is horrible, to say the least. There are simple country banners that are clickable. Every banner will take you to a separate inner page. Here you can choose from all the available channels from that particular country. 

On the body section, as someone scrolls down, they can find the list of channels. There are tabs like Most Popular and thumbnails with channel details listed on them horizontally. The logo is placed on the left followed by Channel, Niche, Views, Country, and Description. And, that wraps up the discussion on FreeInterTV’s design aspects.


This is the one true USP of FreeInterTV online. It is all thanks to its content that users are still preferring it over other websites. The design is an absolute eye-sore but the content range on FreeInterTV rescues the game and more for the platform. Firstly, as stated multiple times in the article, there are 1900+ channels available for free live streaming on FreeInterTV online. 

The vast content library includes channels from niches such as Entertainment, Finance, General, Kids, Local, Movies, Movies, News, Religious, Sports, Teleshopping, Weather, WebCam, and Zoo Cam. It ensures that there’s something for everyone on Free Inter TV. The channels are sorted by country. Users need to choose a country to browse those niches. Just choose a location, select the niche, and press search. It will provide you with dedicated channels in that chosen region.

FreeInterTV ITV, FreeInterTV CBS, FreeInterTV CNN, FreeInterTV Fox, and FreeInterTV BBC are some of the most popular channels. Here is a breakup of the most popular niches.

News Channels: MSNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, C-Span, CNN, ABC, and NBC Live to name a few.

Entertainment channels: Comedy Central, Destination America, History Channel, FX, TBS, MTV, OWN, T&T & USA Network

Premium channels: HBO, Starz, Telemundo, NFL Network, Baseball Channel, FXX, and Bravo

Sports channels: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN HD, ESPN Mobile, Gol TV, NFL Network, and HBO Boxing

Mobile and Desktop Experience

As stated earlier, there are no applications of FreeInterTV android app or for any of the platforms. Its website is well optimized for usage on any of the popular operating systems and varying screen sizes. However, the mobile experience isn’t the very best. The ads are in widget form that can eat up the inbuilt player at times. That problem isn’t present on the PC, thanks to the bigger screen size. 

However, the streaming quality isn’t too great. Moreover, it doesn’t support Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. rendering it useless on a smart TV. The desktop is the best choice for using Free Inter TV. Windows Media decoders and RealMedia add to the video playing capabilities on this platform when streaming on a PC.


First and foremost, the team really needs to work on the aesthetic appeal and overall design language of the website. The design is really the one issue that is pulling the whole website down currently. It has the potential to be an industry giant like USTV GO. It has a huge collection of channels but the design cuts the appeal down. Hand in hand with the design, the usability should be worked upon as well. 

Second, the developers should work on a mobile FreeInterTV Android application and a PC application. They can start with android and windows and move up to other OS. And lastly, though this would go against the very name of the website Free Inter TV, they can use a paid membership. It is house to some of the most remote channels which is why users wouldn’t be hesitant to pay up. They can invest the revenue generated to lowering ads and further research and development for applications and better streaming quality.


As is seen, Free Inter TV can be a brilliant alternative to a Cable TV subscription. They only need to fix a few issues mentioned in the suggestions part. Most importantly, if they are to replace Cable TV, they need to be smart TV-friendly which they aren’t at the moment. Otherwise, housing 1900 channels ready to be live-streamed is a goldmine on any given day. If they do put up good work, a bright future can be seen in the website’s growth. They’ll gain more visitors and resultantly more revenue. Free Inter TV is one of the websites in the live TV streaming space with the highest potential.