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Fotyval Planet & Flash streams Website

Sport is a major unifying factor around the world. Several sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, etc. have a considerable following. This means that several people around the globe like to watch these games. Hence, the need for broadcasts. The problem with official broadcasts is that they leave out a few areas of the world where they might think the viewership wouldn’t be big enough. For example, Ligue 1, the French top-tier football league didn’t have an official broadcaster for India.

There are many similar cases around the globe involving other sports. This is why watching sports has taken on to the Internet. Official OTTs are legal in nature but they can be expensive for some fans. That is why there is considerable interest in free sports streaming websites. Here, we discuss one among such websites, fotyval football.

What is Fotyval?

Well, it is kind of hard to describe what fotyval is. It can be called a website, but the website only takes users to their official Twitter handle. It can be called a streaming service, but they only host embedded links to games around the world. The best explanation is that Fotyval football is a brand name associated with a community of sports fans. They created a Twitter handle that has 16.9 K followers at the moment of writing this review. 

Its working is very similar to Reddit streams. Just replace Reddit with Twitter as the main communication space. The admins of the page come up with streaming links before important games and post them all in a Twitter thread. Then, followers of the handle can go on to any of the given links and stream the game. Fotyval football primarily deals with football streams, especially the English Premier League. 

How to access fotyval com?

Fotyval is the most easily accessible of all streaming services for sports at the moment. The reason is pretty simple. There are no blocks or bans on them charging for piracy. They do not host any of the links themselves. They only accumulate helpful streaming links for fans around the world and list them up in one Twitter thread. That’s all. 

To reach Fotyval football, there are two options. The first is to go through the website. Just type out ‘Fotyval’ or ‘Flash streams’ on the Google search. The very first result is the website you’re looking for. Here, on the homepage, there are current matches listed with a ‘watch now’ option on the right. Clicking on that option will get you to the Twitter thread for that specific match. 

The second option to access is of course directly on Twitter. For users who are on Twitter, they can directly go and follow the handle @FotyvalTV for regular updates on the matches. Finding the desired game could be difficult as you’ll have to scroll down the feed. So, going through the website is recommended from our end. 

Website Design

There is no website design to talk about. Yes, that’s simple and plain. When users click on the first google search result, they land up on the homepage. The homepage sort of looks like a kindergartener’s homework. There is a small ‘Flash Stream’ logo on the top left corner. Here, the confusion needs to be cleared that both Flash Stream and Fotyval are sister communities on Twitter. Flash Stream in fact is the bigger one with 109.5 K followers at the moment. These two merged together to provide better services to their users. 

Just below you can see the list of current, live, or just concluded games. The website is so less important to their functioning that they do not update the list until hours to kick off. There is a watch now option. This will take the users to the Twitter thread for specific games with all the links. However, the Twitter handle they’re directed to is the Fotyval football one and not the Flash Stream one. 

That is all about the website. There is no navigation to be done and there are no headers or footers that appear on the homepage. The background as well is plain white. There has been absolutely no attention paid to the website management. 


Fotyval football is primarily a football streaming service. They specialize in English Premier League games. Whenever there is an English club playing in the Champions League, they do take the charge to put up the links for Champions League games as well. However, different domains also cater to other sports. 

UFC, for instance, has a lot of following inside the Fotyval UFC community. The best way to check if your favorite sport is being covered by Fotyval or not is to do a quick Google search. As stated earlier, Fotyval is a totally legal service as there is no proprietary nature of the streaming servers. They are only putting them up to help fellow fans. So whatever Fotyval does can be seen on Google crystal clear. There is nothing hidden. Go ahead and search ‘Fotyval + name of your favorite sport.’

Fotyval Boxing and Fotyval UFC are popular sports in the community. Moreover, there are separate dedicated pages for every single Premier League Club like Fotyval Arsenal, Fotyval Manchester United, and City. Those are also easily available on Google. However, they all lead you to the same Twitter handle for the main streaming links. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Fotyval football isn’t a website dominant network, therefore, it makes no sense to develop a mobile fotyval app download option. Their work is primarily carried out on Twitter which does have a brilliantly optimized mobile app. IOS, Android, Windows, and Twitter apps are available on each and every platform you could name. Hence, the experience on both desktop and mobile is top-notch. 

That is the case until users click on the final streaming link. After that, it is the same story as other streaming services. There are pop-up ads which are a given. The number of such ads differs from server to server. The experience, however, is bearable. Third-party players aren’t necessary. Some servers do have the option for an extension but mostly, the in-built players are decent enough. 

The experience on mobile can be a little cumbersome as clearing ads on smaller screens is much more difficult compared to a desktop screen. The streaming quality is very high and is genuine 1080p streams. If popping ads do not bother you much, the links put out by Fotyval hesgoal will work just fine for you. There is no policy of paying a premium to get an ad-free experience. Ads, therefore, are a part and parcel of their services.


The suggestions for Fotyval football are divided into two kinds. One is for the team at Fotyval stream itself. And, the second is for the users of Fotyval stream. Let’s begin with the team. Firstly, the website can be made a lot more sophisticated. The various subdomains for other sports can be included in the main website and it definitely needs a cosmetic makeover. Once, the website is sorted out, they could experiment with a mobile application of their own. This would open up opportunities for ad placements and can generate considerable revenue. 

Now, coming to the suggestions for the current users of Fotyval hesgoal. Firstly, please use a VPN service. The various links put out by Fotyval football admins on Twitter aren’t verified. They can be unsafe for your PC’s health. Cybercrime has no limits, it is better to be safe. Second, consider investing in an Adblocker. This would finish off the troubles of having to clear ads. That would make the experience very premium indeed. 

Lastly, always access their service through the website. It provides better navigation to the match-specific thread on their Twitter handle rather than having to scroll through their feed on matchdays. If more people navigate through the website, it’d give the team all the more reason to make their website a little more presentable. Currently, it looks worse than a kindergartener’s school project. 


Well, there are a few things that sum up the services of Fotyval streram. The first major positive is the sense of community you feel. There are thousands of followers of Fotyval on Twitter. When you are clicking on an unverified link, you’re sure that several other people have tested the link before you did and hence, it’s safe to proceed. That honestly, is a recap feature of subreddits for free streams. They have really taken advantage of social media to notch their service up a tier. 

Next, they are so easily accessible. One google search and you’re in. One follow on Twitter and they are forever on your feed. That makes the user experience a lot better than other sites. You know you can rely on them for your crucial matchdays. 

Lastly, the baton is in Fotyval’s hands. The streaming space on Twitter has seen a decent increase in recent years.  They can choose to stay there or built their own ecosystem of websites and applications. Either way, they are doing a fabulous job of helping fans catch their desired games. They do carry the potential to become one the best-known names in the free sports streaming world.