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Watch Flixtor To Free HD Movies

Over the top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon provide such a variety of content nowadays that it has become extremely difficult to resist them. However, another thing that hasn’t had a limit has been the pricing of these plans. While marketed as affordable annual plans, there are better alternatives available. Movie streaming sites provide similar quality and variety of content as OTTs. Here, we discuss one of the hidden gems of streaming sites that has gained quick popularity, Flixtor Movies.

What is Flixtor Movies?

Flixtor is a newer movie streaming website. It has proved to be very competitive with popular sites like 123movies and Fmovies. It is in fact, one of the best places on the Internet to find new releases of premium quality. Flixtor Movies is well-known among regular users of movie streaming sites. It specializes in delivering high-quality content, especially movies and TV shows for free.

How to access fmovies download?

The ideal way to access Flixtor Movies is to search ‘Flixtor’ on Google. It should be one of the latter results for searches like ‘movies free stream’ because it is newer considerably and pretty much hidden. It is easily accessible through any web browser with any sort of VPN. Especially, if you are located in a geographical location where Flixtor Movies isn’t accessible. Even secure browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. get the job done. You can directly access the site here. 

Features of Flixtor Proxy

Even before we start discussing the features of Flixtor free movies, it is important to know that Flixtor’s services really stand out. It is a clever usage of the movie streaming space that you can understand after reading the following part on its features. 

Minimal ad-free experience

If you aren’t new to the movie streaming space, you’d know how troubling ads can be. They just pop up on mistimed clicks and ruin the overall user experience. Thankfully it isn’t the case with Flixtor Movies. Flixtor free movies comes with a minimal ad-free experience. There is an option to completely remove all ads. We’ll talk about it later. 

The only interruption during streaming a movie from Flixtorto is a pop-up asking to sign up. The choice is up to the user. From our experience, Flixtorto has a dedicated set of fans. Users shouldn’t hesitate at all to sign-up. It will lead to regular email updates regarding new uploads and releases. Plus, you’re never alone when you sign up. There’s a whole community behind it.  

Preserves the OTT Character

The one thing that sets Flixtor apart from its competitors is the content range. Especially, its resemblance to popular OTTs like Netflix and Azamon Prime. As you can already see ‘flix’ from Netflix is present in the name ‘Flixtor’. It truly justifies that tag. There is, however, one major difference and that is the price. While OTTs often charge a premium from their subscribers, Flixtor’s services are free of any cost. Even if you sign-up there is nothing to worry about, there aren’t any hidden costs. The only paid option with Flixtor is their VIP subscription which we will talk about later. 

Search Engine-like features

Right here is Flixtor Movies’ biggest unique selling point (USP). Flixtor free movies may appear like any other traditional movie streaming site. But, Flixtor TV also acts as a search engine for movies that aren’t readily available on their website. It has a fully automated in-built search engine function. It is capable of scanning other movie streaming sites to provide you with the best streaming link. That is what sets Flixtorto apart from its competitors. 

User-friendly Interface on fmovies free

Flixtor’s history says that it was coded under five days. Now we don’t know how true that statement is but we can for sure say that it does look like a quickly finished project. Flixtor’s user interface and the website design aren’t anything too attractive. It is rather simple to use and easily navigable. For people who have been regulars in this space of the Internet i.e movie streaming, you must know design isn’t really a key area. 90% of the websites do not emphasize on designs as they do on user-friendliness. 

The very first thing you’d notice about the website is the light-blue color scheme flowing evenly throughout the website. The flixtor homepage banners including the header and the footer come with unresponsive texts. But that wouldn’t be a big issue. As I said not much attention has been given to the design. 

Up next, there are some important markers on the flixtor homepage. They help the user diversify the existing content. The categories on the flixtor homepage include TV Shows, Movies, Home, TV Episodes, My List, and VIP Menu Tabs. Additionally, the users can also search content according to their genre and upload date. 

Now coming to the streaming part. Flixtorto has an inbuilt player for all its media. It also does support an external player like VLC or Windows Media Player. The performance of this inbuilt player completely depends upon the strength of the network you are on. It doesn’t depend upon the browser you use. Firefox, Opera, or Chrome, it is equally compatible with all sorts of browsers available.

Stream Sorting

There is an additional option called stream sorting. Each stream can be sorted to the user’s preference. There are also presets like Popular, Recommended, etc. What it does is suggest to users a certain amount of latency, resolution, and audio quality based on the strength of their Internet connection.


As stated earlier, the content range and variety on Flixtor Movies are very similar to popular OTT platforms. Imagine if Netflix or Amazon Prime provided free services. Now just minus the 4K resolution content. That’s exactly what it feels like to be browsing through the content library of Flixtor TV. As stated earlier, it is one of the best places on the Internet to look for newer releases.   

There is a handy rating feature. Users, basically viewers who have viewed any content earlier can give their ratings in terms of stars. The amount of ratings again gives us an idea and sense of the community on Flixtor free movies. Therefore, before watching any content users get an idea of its quality through the star ratings. There is also a trailer feature like premium OTTs. The synopsis feature is also a great professional touch. These features make for a brilliant user experience. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The user interface is very friendly to navigate and easy to understand. Therefore, no one should take more than an hour to get used to Flixtor’s desktop website. As stated earlier, it supports external players and also has an inbuilt player. Using an external player especially, VLC is recommended for obvious reasons. But, overall, the experience is seamless on PC. The only necessity is a strong Internet connection. Lastly, the option to download is only available on the desktop. 

The only thing missing in the mobile experience is subtitling. Subtitles are an important addition to content in foreign languages. Flixtorto needs to work on that and rectify the big miss. When using the mobile website, a third-party app like VLC or Max Player is recommended. Regardless, there are no complaints about the interface and users get direct access to quality content. 

As mentioned earlier, Flixtor TV runs on all browsers. However, using Chrome, Opera, or Firefox is recommended from our end. As long as the application is concerned, Flixtor developed apps for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. For mobile, there is only an Android flixtor app. Users need to search for a flixtor APK as for obvious reasons, it cannot be listed on the Play Store. For the PC flixtor apps, they are all available on GitHub. That covers all necessary options regarding flixtor app download.

Plans and Pricing – VIP

Flixtor Movies is primarily a free service provider. But as mentioned earlier, it is one of the cleaner ones in terms of pop-up ads. That is all thanks to the revenue it generates through the VIP membership. This membership is available at a donation model, the pricing of which will be listed below. The site accumulates these donations and offers the payee a virtual VIP pass. The advantages of this membership include a totally ad-free experience. Second, comes access to a more up-to-date library that free users do not get access to.  

The fee isn’t a recurring subscription model like OTT platforms. It is rather a one-time payment. So, users do not need to worry about recurring debits from their cards or accounts. Users can subscribe for a period between 30 days to 2 years and the donations are categorized into four tiers: $14.95/month, $29.95 for 3 months, $49.95 for 6 months, and $89.95 for 2 years.

Suggestions for Flixtor

Firstly, the design of the website is something that can be improved. The content range is brilliant and it gives the feeling of a premium OTT. The design simply needs to support to create an overall memorable user experience. Secondly, the developers need to work hard and bridge the gap between mobile and PC experiences. The lack of subtitles and a functioning download option on mobile is a big miss.


Flixtor Movies is an impressive alternative to traditional movie streaming sites. The suggested changes can make it even more appealing and can get them, loyal customers. The primary work with community building and improving the range of content has been very impressive from the Flixtor Movies team. They aren’t only competing against fellow movie streaming sites but they have to potential to replace popular OTT platforms.