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Dontorrent Movies and Series Torrent

Torrents are an effective way to get rid of fluctuations and excessive buffering in the case of movie streaming websites. Not only do they host some of the most amazing new releases, but also downloading content through torrents is extremely easy. There is a considerable amount of people who prefer torrent downloads over online streaming. The only requirement is a stronger internet connection and some memory space for the downloaded content.

Torrents do not only deal with movies, they are also useful for downloading games. It is therefore apparent that for such a popular file type, there would be a lot of websites hosting them. Pirate Bay is probably the most popular one among all. But, in recent times, a few other websites have stepped up. While Pirate Bay continues to work through proxy addresses and among countless popup ads, few websites exist very legitimately. Here, we discuss one such website, Dontorrent.

What is Dontorrent es?

When it comes to online streaming of cricket matches, Crichd is one of the popular names today. This is because they are one of the best online streaming providers of international cricket, and popular t-20 leagues. And not only that, they have a whole series of games like basketball, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Boxing, F1, darts, snooker, and other sports as well. All this sports content can be accessed at crichd.com free of cost.

How to access Dontorrent extension?

Accessing Dontorrent es is very simple. All you need is a stable internet connection. All you need to do is type ‘don torrent’ or ‘don torrent’ on your search engine. The very first option would be the main website. The website, however, appears in Spanish. So, it is recommended from our end to access this website through Google. Google extends an option to translate the page completely. Thanks to the excellent Google translate algorithm. This makes browsing this website ever so easy.

Another recommendation from our end is to always invest in a VPN when any sort of torrent site or a movie streaming site is accessed. A VPN will always protect the identity and the location of its user. Moreover, in many countries, piracy isn’t seen with friendly eyes. It becomes even more important to use a VPN in such situations.

Features of Dontorrent

For a new alternative to torrent libraries, Dontorrent es does offer a decent overall package which is why it is ending up among reviews and good mouth among the first users of the site. The following discussion attempts to highlight some of the handiest features of Dontorrent. 

Website Design 

Let’s talk about that one aspect that is surely bound to leave a mark every time any user visits a new site. The website design for Dontorrent es is good. Nothing too complicated is attempted, there is decent categorization, and user-friendliness is been given the top priority. The color scheme is dark. That keeps up with the appeal of the dark modes several top applications are providing these days. The background is dark grey. A darker grey steps up to differentiate the various sections on the website. And lastly, the text on them is in white. That aids in excellent visibility. 

The header houses one of the most plainly designed logos ever. It is just Dontorrent spelled in all capital letters with the simplest font you’d ever see. To the right of the logo are three tabs that function as Home, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and Ultimate torrents. To the right of these three tabs that appear almost in the middle of the header, is the search bar.

Body Section

The Body section on Dontorrent is divided into three vertical columns. The middle column is the biggest one. On the left, there is a display of the categorization. The eight categories include Films, 4K Movies, HD Movies, Sets, HD Series, Documentaries, Music, and Games. What is even handier is that besides every category name, there is the mentioned count of torrents available. For instance, when this review was written, the subcategory films had the most number of torrents at 21,655. Whereas, 4K movies had the lowest of 1012 torrents.

The column on the right has a designated search bar only for movies. There are options to choose genres when you search torrents using this search bar. Right below this, there is an option to add Dontorrent Twitter or Dontorrent telegram to the bookmarks of the web browser you’re using. Further below this bookmark option, there is a link to the legal data of the website.

The column in the middle is the main show, however. It starts with a designated section for titles that are up for sale. Yes, not all torrents on the website are free. Users may have to pay for new releases or extremely rare titles. Surprisingly for a torrent library that focuses on movies, there is only one designated area in the middle column to browse HD movies. All other sections on the column are for TV series. There is no footer in the website design. Only a navigation bar to the inner pages is present and shows pages from one to five with navigational arrow keys.


As mentioned earlier, the content on Dontorrent es is segregated into eight broad categories. They are Films, 4K Movies, HD Movies, Sets, HD Series, Documentaries, Music, and Games. When this review was written, the subcategory films had the most number of torrents at 21,655. Whereas, 4K movies had the lowest of 1012 torrents. The total number of torrents was 51,255. That is definitely impressive by any standards.

There is also premium content like 4K, Blu Ray, and 3D compatible titles. There also are newer releases and extremely rare titles. These are categorized under the ‘For Sale’ tab and come at a small monetary price. That forms the crux of all revenue that Dontorrent generates from the site other than the visit counters and google ads. It is also available on Dontorrent Twitter and Dontorrent Telegram.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

First of all, there is no application developed for mobile or PC by the Dontorrent extension developers. The website really is the one and only source for users to enjoy the services of Dontorrent. Additionally, the website isn’t too well-calibrated for a smaller screen experience. It makes the experience dull down when you’re on your mobile device.

The download experience is smooth. You’ll need a downloader for torrents like BitTorrent, Utorrent, etc. The process is the same, it seeds to check peers and the downloading starts. The download experience depends on the third-party downloaders rather than the torrent library.

The downloaded files match the description they come with. They are compatible to be played via any popular media player like VLC or Windows Media Player. Overall, there isn’t much to complain about. After all, it is only a library for torrents.


The first suggestion is to upgrade the mobile experience. Dontorrent es doesn’t have a mobile application, nor is the website well-optimized for usage on mobile devices. This is one area that needs immediate attention. There are no ads or other hindrances during browsing. So not much can be complained about.

However, the management of titles on the website can be improved the leaps and bounds. The available options provide user-friendliness but the overall usability is sorely lacking with Dontorrent. There is no footer and the body section is a bit too plain. If you’re charging for your premium content you simply cannot extend your users with such a cumbersome layout. There is a need for much more navigational features.

Lastly and most importantly, Dontorrent es needs to keep its library updated from time to time. Many a time, they aren’t the first ones to include a new release. However, this is the only healthy competition that can see them crush this industry and establish themselves as the hegemons. That zeal, however, is missing in Dontorrent at the moment.


To sum it all up, Dontorrent is a brilliant alternative to heavily blocked and inaccessible sites like Pirate Bay. It is a developing library and will take time to reach the heights set by other torrent sites. Right now they have surpassed 50,000 titles which is quite an achievement. Dontorrent especially stands out in terms of accessibility and its ad-free nature.

It only needs to work on the aesthetic appeal of the website and improve the overall ecosystem. It becomes an unusable interface once you shift onto your mobile device. Such sort of issues requires redressal. Finally, the content library should be updated more frequently and there must be a sense of competition and urgency to include the newer titles before anyone else does. These small things go on a long way to aid and help such new torrent libraries in the long run.