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Cricket Streaming Sites Watch Live Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports. It is played in 106 member countries of the International cricket council. With such massive popularity, you can imagine the amount of commercialization that has gone into cricket. It is one of the most heavily commercialized games that go beyond broadcasting revenues. However, broadcasting remains the biggest chunk in the breakdown of revenues. 

Therefore, live cricket streaming through Cable TV networks or recently through OTTs can be an expensive affair. Therefore, live cricket streaming online has been introduced. These kinds of services are either available free of cost or are available at a minimal cost. In this article, we shall look broadly at the range of services such similar platforms provide. 

What is Cricket Live Streaming?

Well, it is pretty self-explanatory. Cricket Live Streaming is watching cricket online with the help of the Internet. The only difference is that you step out of a wire-based Cable or Satellite TV service to a wireless internet felicitated service. There are several categories of such services. There are live cricket streaming apps that can help you enjoy live cricket streaming on iPhone or Android mobile devices. There also are various websites that extend live cricket streaming free links. We shall talk in detail about all such services. 

How to access Live Cricket TV Streaming?

There could be a few hurdles towards finding a legit site for live cricket streaming. The problem has to do with the number of fake websites present on this segment of the internet. They simply prey on computer devices to try and steal information to be sold forward. However, we have got the tips and tricks for you to land on a legit cricket live streaming website.

The first is to search in real-time. This means searching the game when it is just about to start or is going on live in real-time. Second, add the name of the channel whose broadcast you’re looking for. For instance, searching terms like ‘crictime live cricket streaming Hotstar’, ‘live cricket streaming cricbuzz’, or ‘live cricket streaming ten sports’ will put you up among legible results. This has to do with traffic distribution affecting a search engine’s algorithm. More people would be live on the legible sources of live cricket streaming online, therefore, chances are for google to suggest to you those. 

However, make sure that you’re always under the enhanced protection of a VPN while surfing on any such websites. These are free websites and can be harmful to your PC. These websites are also the favorite hunting grounds for hackers due to the low strength of servers. A VPN will always guard your identity and location. Moreover, it’d give considerable defense against malicious ads. 

Types of Live Cricket streaming online

There are a few types of services to choose from. Firstly there are the OTT platforms that provide some of the best cricket live streaming apps for mobile devices. They are reliable, totally legal, but expensive. Some of the best examples are Hotstar and Sony Liv. 

Second, there is live cricket streaming free websites. These are majorly the choice of all fans because they are free. All you need is a VPN and sometimes an Adblocker to enjoy a hassle-free service on these websites. Here is a free live cricket streaming sites list.

  • Crictime
  • CricketWorld
  • CricLine
  • CricHD
  • BatmanStream
  • CricFree 
  • WebCric 
  • WillowTV etc.

Advantages of Live Cricket streaming

The first advantage is definitely the fact that users can stream any match from any corner of the world with just a few mouse clicks. That is the real Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of these services. The second thing has to do with the monetary element. Such services help users save a ton of money in terms of streaming bills. That is the reason why a lot of people from places where coverage is well done, are still choosing these services over Cable TV. 

Some of these websites also come with their own cricket live streaming applications that can be downloaded from APK sites. That makes up for the OTT experience to some extent. Lastly, at some of these sites, the ads are very well managed. However, that isn’t true for all websites. 

Disadvantages of Watch Live Cricket

The first disadvantage has to do with ads. That is the visible difference between paid services and these free ones. That is the reason why users may need some extra investment into a VPN and an Adblocker service. That would be counted under disadvantage because although you aren’t paying for the main service, you are having to invest some money elsewhere. 

The second disadvantage has to do with the website designs, user interfaces, and overall premium appeal of such live cricket streaming free services. This is true for both websites and live cricket streaming apps. These services, understandably, compromise on website designs and the aesthetic appeal of their apps. In comparison, paid services are much better in this regard. 

Content on live cricket streaming free platforms

The content range on these websites has no bounds. Users can find all free live TV channels live cricket streaming options on such websites. However, you may be forced to search these sites a little. But, there is a solution to all cricket coverage needs. From country cricket in England to ICC events and bilateral series, all can be found on these websites. While some websites specialize in a specific league or region, others cover their own specialty. This way almost all cricketing action around the world can be found on the Internet. 


To sum it all up, Cricket is a popular sport whose fans deserve its coverage. Live cricket streaming is a new innovative solution to the same. There are free and paid options to choose from and each comes with its own definitive advantages and disadvantages. Choosing among these options can be a headache. But, users must work it out for themselves. We have an easy formula for you, given that free websites cater to all your needs, the choice should be between having to pay or not. Therefore, if you have the money, go for a paid service like Hotstar. If not, go for a free option like WillowTV.