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Cricfree EPL, UEFA Champions League, NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS

With the advent of over-the-top platforms, streaming has taken the market by storm. Cricket, which usually used to be limited to be viewed on tv and able, is now accessible on streaming services for the users to enjoy.

Because of the rise of the streams and streaming services, there has been a direct rise with respect to free streaming websites as well. There are various sites offering free streams of different content based on the users preference. Cricfree is one such platform that offers users live streams of cricket matches.

What is Cricfree?

Although the name suggests primary cricket streaming fixtures, they do offer other popular sports and their respective streams as well. Cricfree has helped many people save money by offering free streams of sports rather than the people having to subscribe to different services.

Why use cricfree tv?

It is one of the few websites that request the user to create an account before streaming matches and fixtures. The creation of account is free and will not cost anything. With your own personal account, the users can enjoy the features of the website and make donations as well.

Features of cricfree sports

  1. Audience – with the viewers rising and reaching to the thousands, it is trusted by many people across the globe who rely on this website to fulfill their sports and streaming needs on a regular basis.
  2. Vast content – the name cricfree does not indicate a site solely based around cricket. There are other popular leagues and sports available offering the users a choice to stream content based upon their interests.
  3. Ad-free site – as the numbers of users are not extremely high, they have set up an initiative where they intend to make the site ad free through the income of donations by the users.
  4. Channels available – with the cult following behind the site, cricfree is looking forward to increasing the number of channels on offer. If it can receive enough funding and financial backing, it can become widely successful.

How to access cricfree boxing?

Accessing the channel is quite easy for any user looking to log onto the site. They can just search cricfree in their respective search engine and then choose the site from the respective results.

Layout of cricfree sx

  1. Design – the design has been created with the intent to keep it easy for the users to navigate through and have a straightforward experience.
  2. Hero Section – this section portrays the different 
  3. Header – this section contains the logo of the website and the different icons pertaining to different sports which are available for the user to stream and access. Under the different icons of particular sports, the users can find different competitions that interest them or are looking for.
  4. Body – the body of the site contains the list of fixture for the user to check and decide the one they want to watch. With 25 entries in each page, the user has a long list of fixtures to choose from. There is a donation option for the users to donate from the multiple options available.
  5. Inner pages – after clicking any option on the homepage, the user will be displayed date, title and feed information. Every fixture can be displayed in normal and HD.

Content of Cricfree

As a comprehensive streaming platform, crcifree aims to provide and fulfill the streaming needs of avid sports fan not limited to cricket. With a number of helpful links on offer, it is quite an interesting site for any user. If they are able to navigate their current situation and be successful with the donation-based system, they can not only become ad-free but also bring in new channels for current and future users.

It offers other sports such as football, baseball, basketball, darts, rugby and more. The different channels available are sky sports, BT Sport, ESPN and more for the users to look through and choose the content that suits their taste.

Experience on Cricfree

The pop ups can be irritating for a new user and be troublesome to get around on any device. But the experience of navigating the website is pretty decent as the menus are simple and easy to understand. The ad-free initiative might seem sketchy at first and may deter users to create an account, but the site Is worth it.


It is a pretty decent streaming platform for sports and for users to enjoy live sports content. You can enjoy different sports according to your preference and have a good time while at it.