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CrackStreams NBA, MMA, Boxing, NFL Sports HD Streams

Major sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. have attracted a considerable fan following over the years. These fans are spread out in different parts of the world and aren’t only limited to their home country. It’d have been amazing if the same could’ve been said about the broadcasting coverage. Many fans do not receive the coverage they deserve and that is why free sports streaming websites get the massive traction that they get nowadays. 

Of such free sports streaming sites, several have decided to focus specifically on these major league seasons. There are certain benefits of doing so. Firstly, the fan following is massive and secondly, the said following converts into traffic on the website. Today, we discuss one of the most popular destinations for catching these leagues live for free online. It is called Crackstreams.

What is Crackstreams?

Crackstreams is one of the most popular destinations for catching popular league fixtures live on the Internet. Not to forget, the services of Crackstreams are absolutely free of cost. They cater to a range of sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, Boxing, UFC, and Formula 1. They allow users from around to world to stream these games free of cost. Crackstreams is one of the better-known names in this division of the internet. It is a household name for regulars in the free sports streaming space. 

How to access crackstreams nba?

Accessing the official website of crack streams is really easy. The best way out is to type out the domain name on the search bar of your search engine. Out of the resulting searches, the first one generally is the one that directs you to the official site. It is supported on most of the popular web browsers and search engines including Google, MSN, Chrome, Edge, etc. 

However, make sure that you are under the enhanced protection of a VPN connection while surfing on Crack streams. After all, this website hosts pirated streaming links. Such activity must always be protected by a VPN. It’ll guard your location and identity. Moreover, it offers considerable protection against malicious computer programs that may be present on such websites. 

Features of Crack stream

There is no doubt that to gain a name for your services in such a competitive space on the Internet needs something special. Crack stream packs itself several handy features that make it a lucrative package over competitors. Some of its handiest features are discussed below. 

NFL Crackstreams Streaming Quality

The first thing that stands out about cracked stream service is the quality of streams. The resolutions go as high as Full HD at 1080p depending upon the quality of the Internet connection you’re on. Generally a 15Mbps and above connection will give the users a seamless experience. The buffering and wait time is considerably better compared to most competitors in the space. 

Minimal Ad-free experience

While there are ads on cracked stream service, these are very well managed. Firstly, there are only popup ads. The ad, to be specific. Only one popup opens up to a third-party site every time you try accessing an inner page. Although this third-party website indeed can be harmful, it is much better than 8-10 average popups experienced on other websites. Moreover, there are no widget or banner ads. Only one ad or two short ads will open up before the stream starts inside the player just like on YouTube. For a completely free service, the ad management is impressive. 

Easy User Interface

The final handy feature of crack stream is the user interface. It is very, very easy to understand. Even a child with basic knowledge of the English language can navigate this website. The layout is simple and the menu tabs straightforward. Navigating the website is sheer joy. More so, when you invest in an Adblocker to limit the minimal popup ads as well.

Crackstreams Website Design

The website design isn’t anything spectacular. Earlier there used to be orange accents that went well with the logo of the website. It was an orange basketball that made up the logo. But now, things have changed. The orange accents are gone and the website appears in a rather dull dark look. The background is dark grey while the menu tabs are in a lighter shade of grey. The league logos, thankfully, are still colored. They add the only colorful element to the rather dull look of the website. The choice of fonts is very basic as well. And, the logo of the site doesn’t appear anywhere now. 

Header and Footer

There is a proper header designed, unlike few websites that go with an integrated one. The header area is pitch dark black. It stands out due to the differentiation caused by its color. On the left corner appears ‘Crackstreams’ written in the most basic font. They should have rather gone for a logo placement there. Right next to this, are the seven major sports divisions of the website. The tabs appear as NFL streams, NBA streams, MLB streams, NHL streams, NCAAB streams, boxing streams, and Formula 1 streams. That is the exact order followed. 

There is no footer on the website. However, there is a footer area that again mentions these seven major divisions of the website. This time, however, it is vertically listed as opposed to the horizontal listing on the header. 

Hero and Body Section

The main sections of the website are divided into two columns, left and right. On the right column, there is only a summary of the website alongside a welcome note. It specifically mentions that the streaming links can also be found on their subreddits. Yes, Crack stream does have a vivid community on Reddit

The left column is where most of the action happens. It once again has seven divisions to cater to the seven main sports on the website. They are divided vertically. First appears the schedule and next is a tab that directs you to an inner page for that specific competition or sport. The navigation is really super easy. 

Inner pages

There are two main inner pages to talk about. First, when you click on any main league or sports tab, it directs you to an inner page. This one is specific to that league or sport. There appears the detailed schedule with the live games listed. The links are generally put up one day before the game. 

The second inner page can be accessed when you click on any of the matches. It takes you to the main streaming page. Again, there are no ads and the layout is the simplest one you’d ever see. There appears the player with a big play button. That’s it there are no other options. A live chat box can surely be a good addition. 


The range of content on cracked stream service is limited to the seven major sports divisions. However, they have partnered with Totalsportek for football coverage. By football, we mean soccer. They used to have a similar service for Cricket but it is non-existent now. Of the many sports, Crackstreams NBA, Crackstreams NFL, Crackstreams UFC, and Crackstreams MMA are the most popular ones. The last two divisions fall under the broad banner of boxing streams. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Firstly, there isn’t any mobile application for Crack streams. The website is the only possible way for users to access their service. Thankfully, the website is well-optimized for usage on mobile devices as well. The experience on the Desktop is top-notch. As mentioned earlier, the streaming quality and experience are seamless. On mobile, the single popup on every navigational click is a headache. The website is well done in terms of optimization but the ads ruin the experience. This can be eliminated using an Adblocker. 


Although Crack streams are one of the most popular names in this division of the Internet, there are a few considerable suggestions for them. This has to do with the migration they did to a newer address. We get that these websites need to keep changing their location and identity from time to time. In that case, they’ve done a great job of ranking consistently on Google. That is why they’re so easy to find. 

However, the website’s aesthetic appeal has decreased from before. It needs a serious cosmetic makeover. The usability and user-friendliness are great but the design language needs improvement. Secondly, the popup ads can be eliminated. And rather, widget or banner ads can help in making the experience less disruptive. Finally, the developers also should be eyeing the possibility of developing applications. They are the future and cracked stream services may lack behind if they do not pace up with time. Also, crack stream has a vibrant community behind them, as such, a live chatbox may make the streaming experience much more enjoyable.


Crack streams have always been a popular name for regulars on this space of the Internet. The free sports streaming industry has grown extremely competitive in recent times. As such, crack stream has set its best foot forward to catch up in the race. However, there are a few improvements that need to be made. Even then, one cannot deny that they continue to shine where it matters. They still extend the best streaming quality in the division. That is the reason why they are still experiencing one of the best traffic in the segment.