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BBC Sport Scores, Fixtures, News and Live Sport

BBC aka British Broadcasting Company is one of the oldest television broadcasting companies in the UK as well as the globe. BBC sport is a separate branch of the BBC which specialise in providing sporting news and the latest events in the biggest sports and sporting events around the globe. BBC sports some of the most popular sports and leagues and competitions such as Formula 1 and the international cricket series between various nations as well as the Premier League along with sports like golf and tennis and Rugby among others.

Design of bbc sport football

The design of the site is quite similar to the BBC site as they use a blend of white and yellow to showcase the articles and news headlines but retain their simplicity in how sleek the website is in itself. With a clear demarcation of the different tabs and heads such as home and sports and work life and other tabs, it allows the site to transition between the sporting website to the main website quite easily for the interested viewers and users. They aim to utilize the entire space on the website pages available as they do have articles spread out so that the order and arrangement leaves little space unused.

Features of bbc sport news

The BBC sport website offers secondary tabs and pages to individual sport themselves instead of just covering them under the Sport site as a whole. The different sports are divided into their own separate pages and tabs on the page, with the tabs comprising of Football, cricket, golf, tennis, athletics, cycling, Formula 1, winter sports and others. The home page provides access to the latest news and gossips about the sports and allows the users and viewers to check out the headlines on the homepage itself instead of having to navigate deeper into the site.

Experience of bbc sport football results

It felt quite easy to check out the different news and sports available on the site as every sport I wished to access, it was at the tip of my finger, with popular sports and news included tennis and Wimbledon, football and premier league and the latest transfer news, cricket and the Indian and national teams and the different tours ongoing. With news about F1 and other interactive pieces available on the sites such as quizzes, and questionnaire to test out the knowledge of those fans who consider themselves hardcore, is an intriguing way to connect and indulge the different types of fans.


My opinion on BBC sport is that, they are one of the most respected sites to get one’s fix of interactive news pieces, as well as quizzing oneself with their pieces that pique interests of different fans. I appreciate the site and I find it soothing to check out the different news and pieces and read them calmly as the colour code adds a soothing feel and makes the reader feel calm themselves. They have paid attention to the feelings of the user themselves and developed the site to cater to their need and quantify and improve their experience.