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The world of entertainment is taking its next step. The online world dominated by Over the Top (OTT) platforms is seemingly the future. Movies are also shifting online. Nowadays, movies sign an OTT partner before their official release. The movies can be caught on those OTT platforms exclusively for payment. The streaming bills are, therefore, increasing with every passing day. As such, free movie websites are taking that vital step ahead to help people from burning holes in their pockets. Today, we discuss one such site called AZmovies. 

What is AZmovies?

AZmovies is an online free movie website. As the name suggests, it should ideally contain all movies from A to Z. That is ambitious indeed. They also have a decent collection of AZmovies TV shows as well. Overall, they are a website that makes headway in terms of its OTT-like features in website design and content library.

How to access the AZ movies stream?

Reaching the AZ movies safe website is very easy. The requirements are a stable internet connection and a capable device. The first step is to type out the website name, ‘AZmovies’ onto the search bar. The very first result should guide you to the AZ movies safe website you’re looking for. 

Not to forget, enhanced protection of a VPN is a prerequisite whenever you’re surfing a free movie website. These websites aren’t seen in the best light by the state. Hiding your identity and location is always handy. Secondly, there could be malicious computer programs on such websites. VPN gives you a considerable defense against such programs. 

Website Design

The website is very professionally designed. The color combination is classic blue and white. The header houses the AZmovies logo. Adjacent to the logo is four menus – Home, Movies, Genre, and Actors. Lastly, there is a search bar to improve navigation in the right top corner. 

There is a featured movies section that shows the trending titles in an automated slideshow format. Below are three lists – Top 10 Movies, New Movies, and Just Added. Below these lists, the hero section starts with thumbnails of popular titles. There is an informative section with all the information about the website. The footer has additional information like copyrights, contacts, and socials. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

There is no application for AZ movies. Therefore, users will have to depend on the website. This service stands out for its AZmovies download feature. It allows users to download the whole title in its entirety and play it offline without buffering or popup ads. The AZ movies download feature is the true game-changer. The quality of downloaded files is as per the description. Most titles are available in good resolutions. New releases might lack a bit in quality but if you wait for a week or two, those are available in 1080p as well. Overall, the download and offline viewing experience is top class. It works on the mobile as well. However, download speeds are much better on a PC. 

Suggestions and Conclusion

AZ movies stand out as one of its kind movie downloading site. There is no business with torrent clients here. It is a traditional download. The team has a bright future in front of them. The only improvement is to uplift the mobile experience. That can be done via an application. Having an application will improve download speeds on a mobile device. Otherwise, the ads are well managed. It is definitely one of the most logical sites in the division.