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AnimeDao Watch Anime Free Online

The industry of Anime inside traditional movie streaming is blossoming at an unprecedented rate. Anime is really the new cool. And, deservedly so. The storyline, visual effects, moral values, etc. that few Anime showcases are way better than the usual movies that we generally watch. What started in Japan as a cultural thing has escalated to the wider world to be a popular phenomenon. Anime lovers are now present around the world. These people wait for new releases, re-watch their older favorites, and are on the hunt for better service providers who could telecast Anime in better quality and variety. 

On that note, the world is today aware of cord-cutting services. People are moving ahead of a wired world to streaming content online. Cable TV connections are things of the past. And to give Anime equal representation among these online streaming services, several sites have stepped up. One such free streaming site that specializes in Anime is Anime Dao. This review/user guide will make users more familiar with this popular Anime streaming site. 

What is Anime Dao?

Anime Dao is one of the best Anime streaming sites out on the Internet. It allows the various users from around the world to stream top-quality Anime content without any sort of lag. Of course, the service is all for free and conveniently available online. It stands out in terms of its streaming quality. It can also be adjusted according to the strength of the Internet connection of the user. That way a data consumption rate can be set at expense of limited streaming quality. All you realistically need to enjoy Anime on Anime Dao is a capable streaming device and a stable Internet connection. 

How to access AnimeDao Dub?

Accessing AnimeDao safe is extremely easy. It is a comfortable process for even first-timers on the browsing scene. All you need to do is type out the name on Google search or any other search engine for that matter. The very first result is likely the website you are looking for. There isn’t any mobile AnimeDao App. Therefore, the website is the only place where you can access their services. 

Either way, you should be using a VPN while accessing the AnimeDao website. For that matter, while using any free streaming website. A VPN protects your identity and location at all times. And, in countries where such websites are blocked, a VPN lets you access those safely. 

Features of Animedao App

AnimeDao dub is easily one of the best Anime streaming websites on the Internet. When you get such a tag from users, there must be something special about your service. Firstly, Anime Dao stands out due to its streaming quality. It is the sole reason why users keep coming back to their websites. Moreover, Anime Dao is a website that keeps up with the changing trends and keeps updating its library. However, there are a few more feature that helps its case. They are discussed below.

Animedao unblock Easy to Use

One of the very first things that come striking about AnimeDao website is its usability. Free streaming sites need to crack a balance between design and user-friendliness. AnimeDao website leans towards the latter. The thumbnails are big and the texts are very clear to read. Navigating this website shouldn’t be difficult even for a user visiting the site for the first time. 

Dark Mode

A necessity in today’s world, Dark Mode is becoming more and more popular on different platforms. From social media sites to Phone User Interfaces, all have dark modes. And luckily, Anime Dao were quick to realize that and add that feature to their website. It offers a one-click change from light to dark modes and vice-versa. It adds to the overall appeal and user experience of the website.

Content Structuring

The content structuring and segregation are well-done on this website. While the recently added new episodes of the popular running Anime are offered on the homepage, it also provides the upload date. It helps the user get an idea of the time frame of later uploads in the list. There is also an option to sort content as per popularity. All you need to do is go to the popular tab and it shows all titles that are popularly loved by the audience. 

Ad-free Homepage Experience

There are absolutely no banner ads on the Homepage of AnimeDao dub. That further elevates the user experience. There are few banner ads on the inner pages of the website. However, even those are well optimized and they do not eat into the viewing experience.

Popular Animedao Website Design

The AnimeDao website isn’t very fancy. However, the simple look of the website alongside the fantastic usability appeals to several users. Therefore, they are streaking so high in terms of website hits. The color scheme maintained is blue and white. The background is white whereas the accents are blue. The text is kept black to keep up with the visibility.

Header and Footer

The header houses the website logo in the top left corner. Besides, the logo are three options. They are ‘Home’, ‘Anime list’, and ‘Popular’. These are very self-explanatory. Towards the right, there is a search bar placed to increase the ease of navigation. 

The footer is much better designed in terms of usability. There are two main options. They are ‘Quick Links’ and ‘Site Links’. Under Quick links, you’ll find an option for navigation inside the website itself. For example, Anime list and Popular. On-site links, there is vital information hyperlinked. For example, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Disclaimer’. This is followed by another smaller logo on the right corner with a summary of the website’s services. 

Body section and Inner pages

The website is divided into four main sections vertically. They house the divisions of ‘Latest’, ‘Ongoing’, ‘Added’, and ‘Dark’. It is followed by a vertical selection of titles along with some information related to the title. This continues into the down scrolls of the website, there are more than 15 rows on the website for these four recurring columns. 

Two main inner pages need to be talked about. First, of course, the content list has nearly 2000 titles. The second one is the more vital one which is the streaming page. Four extensions can be used for the video player. They are ‘MX’, ‘VCDN’, ‘HLS’, and ‘GO’. And, like any premium OTT, there is a list of episodes of the title you’re watching. Finally, there is a banner ad but that doesn’t intrude into the experience at all. 


AnimeDao website is house to nearly 2000 Anime titles. They are well categorized into as many as 11 genres like horror, sports, drama, fantasy, action, parody, shoujo, supernatural, thriller, crime, and magic. There are subtitles available for all the content which is a vital inclusion. Some of the best titles available on the website include ‘One Piece’, ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘Black Clover’, ‘Demon Slayer’, ‘Naruto Shippuden’, ‘HunterXHunter’, ‘Assassin’s Pride’, ‘Pokemon’, and ‘Given’. AnimeDao Naruto and AnimeDao Demon Slayer appear in most searched terms that defines the popularity of the website’s content.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

There is no mobile AnimeDao App. That is a glaring omission in today’s world. However, the website does more than required to make up for it. It is super well optimized for usage on both PC and mobile. The experience is almost ad-free and that is why the experience is top-notch. There are no complaints as far as the streaming quality is concerned. The inbuilt player does the job. But, there are extensions available to use external players as well. MX player could help in making the experience smoother. 

On a mobile phone, the experience is good as well. And, that is all thanks to the ad-free nature of the website. However, users should still try and use a VPN always to stay on the safer side. Adblocker isn’t a necessity but having it wouldn’t hurt. There is no paid membership for their services yet but there isn’t a need for one as well.


There are very limited suggestions for Anime Dao. There is no need to introduce a paid subscription. This would only mean they’d have to differentiate the free service from the paid ones. The free service already is world-class. So, there isn’t any need to fix things that aren’t broken yet. The only improvement AnimeDao popular could realistically see themselves making is to work towards app development. Having mobile apps for android and IOS would be really handy. They can then look towards increasing their horizon to PC as well. 


AnimeDao website had always been a popular name in the world of Anime Streaming websites. Thankfully, it still is. The sort of free service they provide is unmatched. The main Unique selling propositions (USPs) of streaming quality and content promise to take them ahead in the competition. They only need to work to develop an application for various operating systems. They also should make sure their libraries are updated from time to time. These small tweaks can land them up as the ultimate one-stop destination for all Anime needed for all Anime lovers around the world.