Affiliate Disclosure

Blogs on StreamingTracker may contain affiliate links to third-party streaming sites that we review. These links aid Streaming Tracker to generate a referral commission by referring visitors to the listed streaming service providers with the help of certain affiliate partnerships.

Our Affiliate Disclosure is meant to notify visitors of our policies. These are of course in compliance with the Federal Trade and Commerce guidelines. Therefore, every time a visitor visits a streaming site or buys a subscription from among our reviews, Streaming Tracker may earn a small commission.

How Much Commission does Streaming Tracker Receive?

Commissions received by Streaming Tracker vary based on the streaming service opted for by our visitors. The affiliate links are the ones that appear on our list of streaming site reviews. These guide users to the selected third-party streaming site’s official webpage. So, wherever any visitor buys a subscription or uses their streaming service, it will give us a certain percentage as commission. Lastly, the commission earned by Streaming Tracker is based upon the agreed financial terms of that particular streaming site that was accessed through our listed links.

Work Ethics of Streaming Tracker

Streaming tracker is a new entity in this space on the Internet. Yet, we are quickly reviewing new sites every passing day. Within just days of launch, we achieved the magical figure of a hundred reviews in no time at all. These reviews are based on certain parameters and criteria. Firstly, user-friendliness is given the highest priority. Following user-friendliness, the parameters of streaming quality and content are the other important ones. In the end, some brownies could be fetched by additional parameters like website design and premium appeal.

We review free streaming sites in all divisions. Movie websites and sports websites are the most popular divisions. But, we have also gone forward and included divisions like Torrents, Converters, Anime, and Free Live TV in our content range. Moreover, we understand that as there is a huge popularity for free websites, there also is a sizeable demand for paid alternates. That is why there is also a segment where we discuss paid memberships available for these numerous streaming platforms that we review.

What are Affiliate Links and Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy, whereby businesses give commissions to one or more affiliates for every customer they bring through their efforts.

When Affiliate Marketing is done via websites, we use Affiliate links. Generally, affiliate marketers sign up with their choice of an affiliate program that businesses offer. And, they promote the business’s products on their websites. Once any sale is made via these listings, they receive a certain amount of commission on every purchase made through it.

It’s one of the marketing-related strategies whereby websites linked with an affiliate marketing program of any company get a specific amount of commission. The said commission is in return for getting the customers through the traffic they get on their website.