About us

Entertainment is one necessity modern-day human beings cannot live without. May it be movies, TV shows, Anime, or Sports? Everyone has their own preference in what they’d like to tune to in their leisure. As such, subscriptions to all these different varieties of entertainment can be a costly affair. To tackle the same issue, developers have come up with free websites. These websites use foreign servers to mirror coverage and make it available to you at zero expense.

These types of websites, naturally, are present in great numbers. As such, it becomes extremely hard for us to choose one among all the available options. This is where the streaming tracker comes into the scene. We are a group of professionals who are largely passionate about our sources of entertainment. We spend time on these websites to try them out and then, review them for you.

What is Streaming Tracker?

Although streaming tracker is a new entity in the scene, we are quickly reviewing new sites every passing day. Within just days of launch, we moved to the magical figure of a hundred reviews in no time. These reviews are based on certain parameters. Firstly, user-friendliness is given priority. Following user-friendliness, the parameters of streaming quality and content are the most important ones. In the end, some brownies could be fetched by additional parameters like design and appeal.

We review sites in all divisions. Movie sites and sports sites are definitely the most popular divisions. But, we have also gone forward and included divisions like Anime, Free Live TV, and TV Shows in our content. Moreover, we understand that as there is a huge following and popularity for free websites, there also is a sizeable demand for paid options. That is why there is also a segment where we discuss paid memberships available for these numerous streaming sites and services.

Skip the queue, and avoid wandering from one site to another. Rather join us in the vibrant community we’re creating through our world-class reviews. Latest news breaks in entertainment, sports analysis, trivia, insights into the business, and extensive streaming information. Streaming Tracker gives you everything and more in the world of Entertainment streaming. We want to be your one-stop destination for all your streaming needs. The ball, as they say, is in your half!