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9anime Watch Anime online with DUB and SUB for FREE

There is a lot of demand for free movies online. That is the reason why free anime streaming sites are gaining all the traffic on this date. Not only do they provide users with sufficient content, but they also stand out in terms of streaming quality. Not to forget, they are absolutely free of all cost. At least, some are. And, on the ones that have the option of a paid membership, there is also an option for streaming free of cost as a guest with some compromise on ads or streaming quality. 

However, one specific area of entertainment that has seen a massive rise in recent times is Anime. Anime has attracted a considerable base of followers. Moreover, Anime stand out in terms of storyline and entertainment values. Naturally, the demand for Anime streaming online for free has seen a lot of increase as well. Today, various such websites are catering to this very need. Here, we discuss one of such Anime streaming websites, 9anime.

What is 9anime?

9anime is one of the popular free Anime streaming websites on the Internet. It offers a decent collection of Anime titles with good streaming quality. It is one of the very first websites that pop up in anyone’s mind when they think of Anime streaming websites. It is definitely not a new name for regulars in this space on the Internet. Like any other free streaming site, 9animeto is also laden with ads. However, it stands out in terms of its specialization in Anime. 

How to access 9anime official website?

Accessing the 9anime official website is really easy. It is supported on the generally used browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. It can be reached through any search engine. Just type out the name in the search bar and you should likely find the official website in the very first result. 

However, always do use the protection of a VPN while visiting this website. Due to the ads, it contains, your PC health could be at risk. Moreover, VPN will guard your identity and location which would help you steer clear of unnecessary tracking by any agency, state-owned or otherwise. 

Features of 9anime

The feature list of 9anime zone includes both positive and negative points regarding their service. They are one of the popular names in the Anime streaming industry. But, that doesn’t mean that there is no scope for improvement. Here are some of the striking features of the website.

AutoPlay and AutoNext

9animeTV comes with handy autoplay and auto next button. It is very similar to the ones found on Nextflix. They increase the usability of the inbuilt player and add to the streaming experience. 

9anime zone Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, there is an inbuilt FAQs page. It answers almost all basic questions users may have when they hop on to the website. It acts as a user guide for the whole website and is definitely a handsome addition. 

Change Theme Button

The whole website is navigated using an underlying theme of Anime chibbi characters. There is a very cute extension in the change theme button. It is really handy. One-click of the button changes the website from light mode to dark mode and vice-versa.

Too many Ads and Slow loading speeds

The major negative about 9animeTV is the ad-laden nature of the website. There are popups on almost every click and that is something that needs immediate improvement. Due to so many ads and cookies, the load speed and buffering rate of the streams are expectedly reduced. 

9anime Website Design

The most frustrating thing about the website design is that it isn’t visible at all until and unless all the ads are cleared. However, once the ads are cleared, you’ll again see ads on the header, footer, and banners here and there. Basically, the website is completely ad-laden. The navigation is impacted due to these ads. Otherwise, the website looks like one that has decent navigation and user-friendliness. 

The layout of the website is good enough for a free website. It is definitely one of the better ones among the sites in the industry. The main menu contains nine options. They are genre, newest, latest update, ongoing, types, schedule, request, movies, and random. The sidebar further has a shortcut to filter the content and the footer has an A-Z listing for the same. 

The website’s appeal overall is good. Thanks to the darker shades used. There are shades of purple and grey. The text of the logo also complements the website and the colors used. If it wasn’t for the massive number of ads, this is a website as good as any in terms of design.


As stated earlier, 9anime safe is a website that specializes in Anime. Therefore, Anime is where their content starts and ends. However, the world of anime is very vast. So vast that 9anime could categorize its content into 31 genres. They are Action/Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Historical, Horror, Kids, Magic, Martial Arts, Military, Music, Mystery, Parody, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Shounen, Slice of Life, Sports, Thriller, Vampire, Supernatural, Yaoi, and Yuri. 

9anime’s library is full of content. Moreover, they are complemented with a high-quality streaming experience. There is also a dedicated section that provides information regarding the selected title. The information includes Type, Studio, Date Aired, Status, Genre, Scores, Rating, Duration, Quality, Views, and a small excerpt about the show. Additionally, the website is updated with fair regularity which helps it keep up with the Anime world. Newer titles are also found inside its library. 

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The desktop experience on 9anime is absolutely terrible. The website is very bad, to say the least. It has a massive number of ads popping up with every click. Therefore, any resemblance of a user experience that may have been possible is completely ruined. The navigation is actually designed well but is hindered by these disturbances. It is hard to stay longer on this website due to the pop-up ads. 

To add to the user’s difficulty, there isn’t any 9anime application. No 9anime apps are available, not for mobile or for PC. But, luckily, the mobile website is much better than the desktop website. The layouts are better, and so is the overall usability. But, everything comes to ruin when we take the popup ads into account. Clearing ads on a smaller screen and a touch panel are much harder than PC. Therefore, 9anime needs to make a lot of improvements to its services if they are to get positive feedback from the users. Not to forget, 9anime communities are available on 9anime reddit and 9anime Twitter. 


The team at 9animeto needs to find another way to support the website other than ads. Banner and widget apps are welcome but potentially malicious popups cannot be tolerated. It ruins the overall user experience. Although ads are part and parcel of any free website, with 9anime it is a glaring issue. They can think about starting a paid membership for users given their impressive content quality. Anime geeks would pay up and that will help them support the website. In exchange, they can offer them an ad-free experience. 

Secondly, 9anime should be adventurous enough to try their luck with mobile apps. Applications are the way forward in this industry today. As such, not even having an android application is a glaring omission. Android app is the need of the hour, however, they shouldn’t stop there. Applications for Windows, Mac, and IOS should be on the agenda as well. 

Lastly, for the users, there is one suggestion. And, that is to invest in a VPN and an Adblocker. Without an Adblocker, there is no way on earth that you could enjoy the services of 9anime. After all, it is a pirated website. Therefore, VPN becomes a necessity. Not to forget, there could be potentially malicious popups to encounter. 


9animeto is one of the popular Anime streaming sites on the Internet. While it has the potential to be the most impressive one in the industry, the amount of ads on the website ruins the game. 9anime is a promising site that needs a little more work before hitting the big hit. They are already standing out with their content. Some tweaks to the desktop website and better ad management will make them the pioneers on the Internet. 

It is a site that serves as any Anime geek’s best friend. After all, it is one of those websites that are updated with fair regularity. As a result, 9animeto is a home for newer releases and rare titles. The streaming resolutions also go as high as 1080p or Full HD quality. There are really a lot of positives to talk about in 9anime’s case. However, one glaring negative is pushing their game down and possesses a threat to their growth in the future. While VPNs and Adblockers can help, they need to sort out this issue themselves if they are to become the pioneers they aim to become.