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Watch Free HD Movies on 123Movies

Multiplexes and OTT subscriptions can be expensive, which is why many people around the world are always in search of reliable websites to stream new and old movies online. While there are a lot of websites providing the same service, these can be harmful to your PC. Here, we look at an attractive alternative that can help viewers stream their favorite movies for free online very effortlessly. 123movies com official site can be very helpful to users in this regard.

What is 123movies?

123movies stream is one of the pioneers in the online movie streaming business. It is generally out of the first five results on google whenever one searches ‘stream movies online free’. Hence, 123movies is one of the more popular websites on the Internet among many of its competitors providing free movie streaming services like Putlocker, Gogomovies, etc. Certain user-friendly features have helped 123movies 2022 achieve this popularity among its users. We shall discuss these features briefly. First, let us look at how users can access this website.

How to access 123movies websites free?

As stated, 123movies is usually one of the first five search results on Google for searches like or similar to ‘free movie streaming’. However, users should be aware of several copied websites of the same name. The original website is registered under a .sbs domain that can be accessed here. There have been several copyright infringements on 123movies but the clone sites are still operational and give their viewers a seamless experience of streaming movies online. 

123movies sites Features

Other than being a reliable name for movie streaming for many years, website also stands out in terms of the various user-friendly features that it provides. Some of those are discussed below. 

Clean Interface of 123movies stream

The first striking thing about the website is the clean layout. There is a teal blue theme running in the design with a light blue color background. There are quite many ads on the website but they do not pop at your screen ruining your experience as is the case with most of the other similar websites. 

The header section contains shortcuts to Movies, Movies 2022, TV-Series, New Episodes, Genres, Year, Country, Stars, and Directors helping users navigate with ease within the website. 

123 Movies Search Tool

The search bar is another handy feature of the website. If you want to be saved the trouble of sorting the genre or searching down the lists of content available on the website, it is perfect for you. You can simply type out the title of the movie or TV show you are searching for and the search tool will show you all matching results. 

Categories on the 123movies app

Another really handy feature on the website is the Genre tab available on the homepage. Sometimes you aren’t sure about which exact movie or TV show you want to watch. But, you do know that you can watch something funny or something historical. That is where the genre tab comes in handy. You can switch between genres like comedy, rom-com, thriller, drama, etc. to further optimize your search. 

No popping ads for creating an account

One of the best things about 123movies is that more than 90% of the content on the website can be streamed without creating an account. Moreover, no repetitive ads are popping up on your screen screaming at you to create a free account with the website. Almost all other movie streaming websites do this thing and it simply ruins the user experience. 123movies has a clear advantage at this specific point. 

Content-Range on 123movies

There simply is no limit to the amount of content available on 123movies in form of movies (animated too) and TV shows. Here are a few highlights of the content range on 123movies.

Super Hit Movie titles on 123movies com

123movies is the best place to find high-quality streams of rare movies that aren’t otherwise available in full HD prints on the Internet. Movies like The Joker, the entire Avengers series, Star Wars, etc. are all available on 123movies gomovies. Newer movies like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Once upon a time in Hollywood, etc. are also available in pristine audio-visual quality.

Super Hit TV Shows

Just like the case is with movies, TV shows also are available in plenty on 123movies. Famous TV shows like Chernobyl, American Horror Story, Rick and Morty, etc. are easily and readily available on the website. The direct tab named TV Shows on the homepage will take you to the complete listing of TV Shows available.

Variety of Genres on 123movies 2022

One of the most impressive things about the website is the huge time that must’ve gone into categorizing the content into 25 distinct genres. Yes, that’s right, 25 genres. They are as plain as comedy, thriller, drama, etc. They also included very distinct genres like war and politics, music, documentary, fantasy, etc. 

Desktop and Mobile Experience

The desktop experience is good on the 123movies free movie streaming sites if you take out the effort that goes into skipping ads. In a free service as such, it is normal for publishers to earn money through ad postings. But, such ads have proved to contain malware and users must be clever to skip these ads to ensure their PC is safe, sound, and healthy. 

There are no complaints about the website. The homepage and the inner pages are all professionally designed and optimized to give users a good experience both on a PC and a mobile phone. There is also a 123movies app that can be downloaded on any android phone but it isn’t listed in the Google Play store. So, to install the app, users will have to allow unknown sources in the settings. This could be undesired by most users. But, the app does perform well and there haven’t been any major complaints from the users who browse on the application.


There are two things that 123movies 2022 could improve on. First is the amount of ads that pop up when you click on a movie to stream it online. These could be malicious in nature and a lot of users do not want to risk their PC health. 

The second thing is that 123movies stream can try offering services where an external player could be used to stream the content online. The website will still profit from the page views. At the same time, external players add a layer of safety for the users. 


Overall, 123movies com official site is offering some quality service at literally no cost. The things that stand out are the quality of the streams and the variety of content. No pop-ups for creating an account on the website is a big plus point. Many users aren’t comfortable sharing personal information with streaming sites. 

At the same time, there are issues like a huge number of ads during the stream. Many of these ads are proven to be malicious. But, despite this drawback, users keep coming back to 123movies because of the ease of use. Good content and a very user-friendly interface set it apart from its competitors on the Internet.